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So yesterday was the day of many weddings, a date considered to be lucky in its numbers, full of feng shui or whatever.


For us it was a fairly normal Saturday. It was a little less hot and I felt more energetic, putting in a full day of much needed work in the garden. I'm sore all over from overdoing it, as I sometimes tend to do in my enthusiasm, but happy from all the fresh air and being in the garden. Husband worked on some outside home repairs and gave me the occasional hand, such as trimming some branches just out of my reach.


But first we started the day with a walk to our local park, a mix of forest, open grassy areas and beach. My husband had recently purchased a smaller digital camera, one that is handy to pop in a pocket for these kinds of walks, just in case one sees something interesting. We love our digital SLR camera but it's very heavy and bulky. We took turns capturing images as we familiarized ourselves with it. It took some getting used to as old habits interfered with new ways. In very bright areas, I was annoyed and frustrated by the LCD monitor acting like a mirror, making it hard to see what I was photographing.


Looking at the downloaded images later, I was a bit disappointed in the colours especially the unnatural green and less depth of field that I'm used to in the SLR. It may be just a setting we need to select from the numerous choices. The different image sizes and formats are interesting.


This morning, while sipping my pre-breakfast cup of hot lemon juice, I played around with some images, making a few into black and white and trying out effects in the iPhoto, then the final touches in PhotoShop. I did not crop any of these this time, just to see how the different sizes and formats look. The marvels of technology, eh - we take so much for granted already.

Marja-Leena | 08/07/2007 | 2 comments
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They look good, ML. I like the black and white, especially the tree roots, and the colours look fine to me in the ones that you show here, lovely and subtle in fact.
I'm sometimes quite tempted by the tiny neatness of those compact ones, and all the clever things they can do, and the pocketability of them. Mine's a 'bridge', bigger and more versatile than a compact but smaller and less versatile than an SLR, I'll stay loyal to it for now at least, but those little things are tempting...
Have a good rest after your hard work!

Thanks Lucy! I really appeciate your positive comments, coming from such an excellent photographer that you are. I'm still loyal to our SLR because I was very used to that kind of film camera before, and will definitely continue to use it for my art projects. This small one will be fine for casual use, once I get through the learning curve. My husband just tried out the video feature on it today - so that's another area to explore - maybe one day I'll put up a little film clip here!