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Interesting date today, isn't it? This sent me for a quick look through my archives for posts on past December 12s. On December 12th, 2005, I wrote about juggling the many roles in my life in this busiest time of the year. Not much has changed though I do try to do a little less. In 2008, I wrote about snow, with a rather lovely photo if I say so myself. No snow today, in fact we even had some rare sunshine so we were able to put some outdoor lights on shrubs by the front steps and hang the door wreath. I clipped cedar branches to tuck in the wreath and in some pots by the door. Let the snow come at Christmas.

Today an article in our local paper titled 'Santa butts out' piqued my interest. To quote:

Pam McColl has self-published her own edited version of the classic 'Twas the Night Before Christmas, taking out the line about Santa smoking. Now she's getting international attention and the book is being endorsed by the Canadian Cancer Society.

The two lines that were excised:

"The stump of a pipe he held tight in his teeth,
"And the smoke it encircled his head like a wreath."

Read more in the Vancouver Sun (hope you can see it without registration).

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at least in the Finnish Blogistan there were stories circulating that the Mayan calendar says the end of the world is coming. 12.12.2012, and at 12.12 o'clock.

Well, now as we already have 13th and toward the evening, I can assure you, that none such at least around here.

So most likely all of you survive too!

I keep my thumbs up for you!

Marjatta, yes, I've heard much about the Mayan calendar and prediction but did not take it at all seriously enough to mention. And as you see, we are all here! And you've just had St. Lucia's Day over there. I hope you are enjoying all the Christmas activities and preparations.

Such a pretty door wreath deserves admiration but I must ask, how do you plug it in and still close the door?

A Mayan prophecy disaster I read about last month involved the Earth being hit by the Jupiter sized mystery planet called Niburu. Someone had replied you wouldn't need the internet to prove whether that was true or not as all you'd have to do is look out your window.

Susan, it is not on the front door, it's hanging inside the window in the solarium. You can almost see the spot in this recent daytime photo. We like having some kind of light in there in the dark months to take away from the black mirror effect of the inner glass doors since we look out onto it from our dining and family room. Usually there is a small lamp but this is my seasonal creation, a plain willow ring onto which I wrapped a string of mini-lights. Sorry, it's not a good photo - I have trouble taking decent night shots.

I heard about that crazy variation on the Mayan prophecy. Who really comes up with this stuff?

That explains the geraniums :-)

It seems as though there's a percentage of our race who miss the excitement of being chased by cave bears so much that they have to devise scenarios.

Susan, oh ho! Thanks for the morning laugh! Good thing I'd finished my coffee.

Maybe Santa can begin using a bubble pipe instead.

The wreath looks like a deep-sea creature swimming in the dark with that tail!

Rouchswalwe, a blowing-bubbles-Santa sounds fun to me! Ha, thanks to my blurry photo we are seeing creatures :-)