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2011 in review - 1

Inspired by other bloggers who are doing year-end reviews, usually of books they have read, I thought this year I would try one for the first time. I have chosen a month by month review of my better photos from the Photoworks theme, choosing at least one from each sub-category.

Here are my favourites from the January to June posts. I will do the July to December ones tomorrow.


January: leaves in ice


February: round and white


March: Beaty Biodiversity Museum - 3


April: trickster?


May: Gabriola's petroglyphs 2


June: sensuous rocks

I found this an interesting exercise and to note that this year there was only one post for the 'Found Objects' category - the mask in 'trickster' above. More observations to come tomorrow.

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Marja-Leena | 30/12/2011 | 8 comments
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It's a beautiful selection but you've posted so many wonderful pictures that I can't imagine how you managed to pick just a few. The February stone is particularly appealing at the moment.

Strangely, I'd just decided this evening to do something similar with the drawings and/or paintings I've done this year. Your idea of six at a time makes it almost doable for me. Thanks :-)

Susan! You are such a faithful, and often the first, commenter - thank you. Yes, it seemed too much to put up twelve images on the page, and a lot of work to go through and hard to choose, and then write and post. I enjoyed the exercise on a day when I was being otherwise rather lazy. I look forward to yours.

Ihastuttavia kuvia! Ehdoton suosikkini on helmikuu, muodon voi tuntea käsissä kun kuvaa vain katselee.

Taina! Olin samaan aikaan lukemassa sinun blogia - aika sattuma!
Kiitos paljon.

Such lovely pictures!! Trickster and sensuous rocks are my favorites:) Have a happy new year, Marja-Leena

Leena, kiitos, ja Hyvää Uutta Vuotta sinullekin.

The print I have of the top photo is now with my daughter.

Hattie, I hope your daughter likes it! It certainly is a favourite of mine.