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2011 in review - 2

Continuing my review of some of this year's favourite photos from the Photoworks theme, this time from the July to December posts.


July: junkyard finds 6


August: almost September


September: jute


October: autumnal shadow play


November: hand in worship


December: oh ginger

As mentioned in the previous post of images from January to June, it was an interesting exercise and at times difficult to choose from so many images. Curiously, there was only one post, 'shadow play', this year with images under the 'urban' category, whereas I think 2009 was a bumper year with lots of urban shots of London and Paris. Not surprisingly, for those who know me, the most popular categories are 'rocks' and 'nature'.

So, this is the last post on the last day of 2011, a very turbulent year around the world politically and economically. Just for a while on this New Year's Eve tonight, I wish all of you peaceful thoughts and happiness in your own little world of family and friends. Many thanks for visiting and commenting (or not) and continuing to make this blog venture such a pleasure for me even as it nears eight years.

Happy New Year 2012, may your hopes and dreams come true! Hauskaa Uutta Vuotta ja paljon Onnea! Frohes Neues Jahr! Bonne année! See you on the other side!

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Marja-Leena | 31/12/2011 | 12 comments
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This is a great idea, like an index of 2011. So many intriguing and surprising images and now I'll know where to go to see them again. Thank you for everything this past year, dear Marja-Leena! I look forward to what you have in store for us in the Year of the Water Dragon! Frohes Neues!!

Happy New Year to you and Fred.

Beautiful choice, Marja-Leena. Happy New Year to you and yours! I hope 2012 brings you much creative inspiration and good health.

rouchswalwe, thank you and glad you like the idea! And I'll have to study about this Year of the Water Dragon - hope it will be a good one for all of us.

Joe, thanks so much!

Leslee, I'm pleased that you like it, and thanks for the wishes for those very important ones for me!

The November picture is my favorite of this group for so many sentimental reasons but all are magnificent. I'm very glad to know you, Marja-Leena and hope we will be friends for a long time to come.

May you enjoy a Happy New Year and may we all live to see our politicians become responsible statesmen and women.

I especially enjoyed seeing your July photos again, but all are fascinating in their own way. It's great that so many blogs are here to inspire us all , and I look forward to seeing many more of your images and reading your words in the months to come.

Susan, thanks again, I treasure your comments and friendship, and love that last wish!

Olga, thanks, the feeling is mutual!

Lovely review! I have enjoyed your blog a lot in 2011. Hope you and yours have a lovely year coming up--and that the world settles down a little bit (and the deficit here shrinks: dream on...)

Marly, thank you and I too have enjoyed getting to know you this year. Yes, special deficit reduction wishes to all as well!

It is a great idea, I certainly can't choose a favourite, though I do love the physalis lantern in your hand.

Happy New Year, and thank for the wonderful things you share and your continuing friendship.

There's an especially salutary one (fourth one down I think). A rusted up disc brake - a comparatively modern artefact, now overtaken by anno domini. Younger than me, in fact. Hmmm. Cheers.

Lucy, it's hard to choose one's own favourites as well, which is why I set myself some parameters - the categories and the months. Sometimes there were other images I would have preferred. Anyway, it was all in fun! Thank you, Lucy, for being you and still blogging lots!

Lorenzo, why am I not surprised that you'd zero in on an auto part? I haven't a clue about what a disc brake looks like but isn't it great to know that you have outlived such a modern invention?! Here's to more things outlived!