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A turban squash, that is. Today's much-missed glorious sunshine tempted me and my cameras into action to capture this gorgeous vegetable which has been gracing our kitchen counter over the holidays and will soon be eaten.

Compare these to some earlier squash photos: green globe and cucurbita.

Marja-Leena | 11/01/2012 | 10 comments
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I've seen these before, but never quite so lovely.

For a moment I thought that it really was headgear.

zhoen, this one is certainly a beautiful specimen, an edible kitchen ornament.

Joe, really? It's a perfect name for this squash, isn't it?

I quite liked the idea of it being a headpiece so looked at it as a real turban for a little while. I've never seen one before and found it magnificent. Do they taste any different to ordinary squash?

It is a lovely squash. You get such depth in those close up photos.
I hope you get some sun up there sometime soon. I'm still feeling chilled from my last visit to Seattle, and now I'm going back there for a few days in early Feb.
But it's the lack of light, isn't it. I always have to take long walks when in Seattle, no matter how gray and bitter it is, or I get depressed.

Susan, I've never seen a real turban on a real person so it's nice to imagine this as such a head piece. I've eaten this kind of squash only once before and it was perhaps not as sweet as some others, or maybe it was just that one. I hope this one will be better - I'll try adding extra spices.

Hattie, glad you like this. We've had a few sunny days this week but may be getting a little snow soon!? I don't mind the cooler bright days and the light night frosts, much nicer than the endless rain and the dark. But bitter? I suppose that is all relative - for you in Hawaii - me, I still remember the bitter cold and wind (as low as -40F) in my youth in Winnipeg and think this is balmy!

Too bad you don't have a pretty little grandchild in residence to model the cap along with something grand from the dress-up box...

Marly, yes, too bad they are so far away. I could carve the squash out from the bottom so it could sit on a head - what fun they would have!

I love the way you've focussed in on its funny little wart! A Sikh friend I had years ago wore a real turban, but it was a neat white sleek thing, these are more like from a story book illustration of the Arabian Nights, or Moghul miniatures or something. They taste really good too, but the flesh is less abundant and more difficult to get at than handier-shaped things like butternut. Bon appetit!

Lucy, yes, I'm thinking Arabian Nights or Moghul miniatures too! Was it ever hard to cut in half - husband got the job! We baked it and ate it last night and it was very sweet and creamy tasting! It was surprisingly abundant this time with leftovers for another meal. I think the last time there was no meat in the 'top' of the turban. The shell was very crisp and had to be broken by hand to go into the compost bucket.