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Proudly announcing the birth of our second grandchild Niamh Eili, another grand-daughter, a little after midnight November 16th, 2005!

What an unforgettable day! A 12:45 am phone call announcing the birth added to my excitement level and lessened my sleep credit hours for the day ahead. The hanging of my show and having the opening in the evening had me running on adrenalin.

The opening went very well. I was excited to meet several new friends made through my blog, and our eldest daughter surprised us, coming from out-of-town and adding to the excitement.

Warmest thanks to everyone who came and everyone who sent me good wishes here and by email. I will write more about the opening once I've downloaded the pictures and gathered my thoughts in a coherent fashion.

Last but not least, of course after the opening we had to go and visit our tiniest, beautiful brand new family member. What a sense of regeneration and continuation I felt seeing her. Some years ago, I remember feeling a sense of loss as our family had shrunk with our parents gone. Now our daughters have partners and another generation is growing. Time to add another leaf to the dining room table this Christmas! Now I need a nap...

Addendum Nov.18th: Baby's other granddad wrote this welcome!

Marja-Leena | 17/11/2005 | 15 comments
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Paljon onnea täältä Suomestakin!

Marja-Leena, paljon onnea näyttelysi johdosta. Muistan lapsuudesta, miten suuria päiviä ne olivat, ne näyttelyn avajaiset. Niiden jälkeen oli kotona paljon kukkia. Lähetän sinulle virtuaalisen kukkakimpun ja shamppanajapullon. Nosta virtuaalinen shamppanjalasi myös vastasyntyneen lapsenlapsesi onneksi. Mikä ihmeellinen sattuma, että hän syntyi juuri samana päivänä, jona oli näyttelysi avajaiset.

Tuus Anita

Congratulations, Marja-Leena! You are very fortunate to have such a wonderful family.

Wow, what a day! Congratulations!

Warmest congratulations to you and the parents and the baby. It's all happening!

Congratulations! What an exciting day. I hope you got some sleep afterwards. Looking forward to reading about your show, too.

Congratulations! Exciting times - a show opening and a grand-daughter.

Soon enough she will have a sweetheart, and not long thereafter she'll bring a greatgrandchild, and then you'll have to add ANOTHER leaf to the table.

Suuret kiitokset, Anna, Anita ja Anni, kiva kuulla suomalaiset onnittelut!

Beth, Dave, Natalie, leslee and Tom - Thanks so much for your loyalty and support and good wishes. Tom, we have had another table leaf tucked away, only used a few times, that is ready for that day, providing that we are blessed with a long life!

Everything's coming up roses. Many congratulations on your new grandchild. And the show's on the road too, looking forward to some photographs.

Many congratulations on the beautiful granddaughter with the beautiful name. I love the photograph--the sense of immediate human connection that it conveys.

What a wonderful time for you! I'll be back to hear and see more about your show.

Thanks Anna and Patry! We've just come home from a lovely visit with the young family. It's wonderful to see how baby has bonded with Mommy, Daddy and big sister.

Yes, those pictures! I haven't had time yet to fix the opening night ones, many of which are a ghastly green from the mercury vapor lamps mixed in with incandescent. Yesterday I took some installation photos, but again haven't had time to even download them yet. Soon, I promise!

What a beautiful baby! Lucky day, lovely energy...congrats to all!

What an Opening Act for your Show! Congratulations to the whole family on the birth of your little grand daughter! We look forward to viewing your show and seeing pictures of the baby.

Oh, great to have you visit here, Elaine and Allan! "Opening Act" is a wonderful expression, wish I'd thought of that for the title of this blog post. Looking forward to seeing you soon!