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a great day on Bowen

What a fantastic day we had yesterday! The gloriously sunny day began with the arrival of a cousin and her husband from Germany. After a quick visit over tea and biscotti on our deck, we whisked them to the ferry over to Bowen Island. Hans-Christian, one of the artists in the exhibition and a resident of the island, invited all the artists and their guests for pre-show nibbles and wine at his home. How lovely it was on his deck looking out over the sea, getting ourselves in a mellow mood for the reception to come. What was very unusual was how many German speakers were present: three of the artists including our host, and three visitors from Germany, plus my husband! Our daughter Erika was enjoying practicing her German with them but I was quite lost beyond the pleasantries.



Anne and I in front of some of my work

Then on to The Gallery at Artisan Square to see our exhibition and be there for the artists' reception. I was immediately greeted by a beautiful lady - Anne Wadleigh, the amazing 20th Century Woman and her husband Jerry! How delightful that they made it and how honoured I felt that they had made the trip up from their island on the other side of the border in Washington! Though this was our first meeting face to face, Anne and I felt like we'd known each other a long time. Jerry and my husband found many things of common interest while Anne and I talked about printmaking. With her own background in printmaking, Anne had many perceptive questions and comments and was interested to learn about the Capilano University Art Institute. Anne expressed the desire to be able to work in such a place and be inspired by other printmakers. I look forward to another visit one day and to showing her our facilities.




left to right: Michiko Suzuki, Wayne Eastcott, Curator Ann Ramsay, Peter Frey, Linda Robertson, Hans-Christian Behm, Joan Smith, Christel Kleinewillinghofer and I (Bonnie Jordan was unable to attend)

The opening was very well attended and the work well received. It was hard to get good installation photos but the show looked great in this lovely space. Our special thanks to Ann Ramsay, Gallery Coordinator/Curator for giving us this wonderful opportunity to share our works with Bowen Island residents and visitors. Thanks to my husband for taking all the photos, also Erika though I haven't seen hers yet.

Then a lovely ferry ride home again. I was a little tired from all the excitement and had dinner to prepare (thankfully I'd prepared the main dish the day before). Our family circle around the table was larger and richer with the German cousins and we were grateful for this wonderful day.


What a wonderful surprise to find Anne come to see the exhibit and to meet her in person! Thanks for posting the photo of you two! I enjoy reading her blog as she is an amazing writer and artist with much to share.

The gallery space looks very inviting and the prints on the wall look interesting to explore. It sounds like the opening was great.

You have been busy with work and relatives and mosy'ing about. Lucky you. Have fun with your relatives.

That sure sounds like a barrel of fun. We had visitors from the Hamburg area at the weekend. It does feel good to really engage in the German language now and again.

Taina, when Anne learned of this exhibition a few posts back, she let me know of her plans to come. Even so it was a surprise for me that she and Jerry really were there. This really has been the year of meeting many blog friends, I keep saying! So heartwarming to meet all these kindred spirits.

Yes, we've been having a lot of family visits in the past few weeks. Tomorrow they go to Vancouver Island. It's all been fun. Now it is time to get back to work in the studio and be focused.

Rouchswalwe, from Hamburg, eh? Ours came from München. Paul's English is quite good, Angelika's a little less so, but we all managed quite well.

Thank you for spending the time and giving such a lovely description of your opening and the people attending. I can well imagine how the excitement could have left you pooped.

Lilalia, thanks for dropping by. I'm still on a bit of a high from that day!

That does look like a lovely space - nice light and openness. Glad to hear that the opening went well and you had a fun visit with everyone.

Sounds like a really special day, M-L.

It's been lovely looking over the prints you've just posted. Your work is marvelous and I'm glad to see you were able to share the opening with dear friends.

Leslee, yes to all that, thanks!

Dave, it was indeed a memorable day.

Susan, I'm pleased that you enjoyed looking at my work, thank you. We do have a wonderful group in our studio, and we like to eat together as well as make art!

What fun to read about this from my present perch in Paris! You are having such a happy time.
I am off to a museum today to find out about why Marie Antionette lost her head (and other matters of French history).

Hattie, glad you enjoyed this. Meanwhile you make me wish I could be back in Paris as I read of your visit there!