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A Portrait in Profile I


Veils Suite: A Portrait in Profile I
monotype (oil-based inks) and watercolour pencil drawing
76 x 57 cm.

Recently I've been looking through a series of monotypes that I haven't visited in a long time. I did quite a few of these in the early part of 1989, a kind of a mini-series within the very large Veils Suite series. I remember doing these very quickly, eager to bring these images forth in a way that was spontaneous and far less time consuming than etching. It's an interesting experience for me to see these with fresh eyes now, and I thought it would be good to post them to my online portfolio over the next few weeks.

Marja-Leena | 12/03/2006 | 7 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


Vauh! I was looking something elsa while waiting your page to open, and then my eyes just JUMPED to the movement of your swirly swift "tornado of colors" Very impressive. I like watercolors.

Thanks, Sikuri, glad you like it! Um, it's not a watercolour though, it's using oil-based ink on a plexiglass sheet and printed. Later I drew on it with watercolour pencils. I've clarified the description a bit thanks to you, for making me aware of the potential for misunderstanding the technique.

I'm very drawn to the way this looks like a hollow body veil. But I find the image rather oppressive too. Fascinating. I am looking forward to seeing more of this series.

Hallo Marja-Leena, very nice print. Show more of this serie.

Omega, thanks for your always perceptive observations!

Hans, thank you. I will be posting more of these for sure!

Reminds me of the voice out of the whirlwind in Job. Also, in the Dine and Pueblo witch beliefs of the American Southwest, witches always travel inside dust devils (might be why they're called that).

Dave, you always have such fantastic images from your reading - I'm quite jealous! Witches in dust devils...hmmm - I like that.