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A Portrait in Profile II


Veils Suite: A Portrait in Profile II
monotype (oil-based inks) and watercolour pencil drawing
76 x 57 cm.

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Marja-Leena | 15/03/2006 | 5 comments
themes: Printworks, Veils Suite


I love the new monoprints! I used to have so much fun doing those, every time I come to your site I realize how much I miss print making in all its glorious forms.

By the way, several times in the last couple weeks when i've tried to post a comment, it took forever for the comment window to open and it would eventually time out and say file 404. It might just be me but I thought I'd let you know since I have a high speed internet connection.

Thanks, Elise - though these are old works, as I mentioned with the previous image, but new to you!

About the comment problem -is anyone else experiencing this? It's rather alarming - will get it checked out. Thanks for letting me know, Elise.

I am very interested in what a difference the colours and their placement makes. I'm also fascinated by the escaping lines which look like threads.

I love it when you let your hand go. Number 1 in this series is so very dynamic - really jumps at you.

Omega - Yes, this is something that one can observe when doing a series like this, when the subject is similar. I was quite taken with being able to draw outside the printed area.

Anna, I think the first one is my favourite too, for the same reason. I really enjoyed being able to paint and draw rapidly, rather like doing sketches.

Thank you both for your ever faithful comments!