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a queen's birthday

She reigned for 63 years, seven months and two days -- the longest reign ever.
She was five feet tall and monarch to one-quarter of the world's population.
She was 81 when she died.
Her own sons lifted her into her coffin, as she had requested.
She was dressed in a white dress and her wedding veil.
She was laid to rest next to Albert.

Her birthday is not a holiday in England. It is here. (emphasis mine)
I wonder, would she be amused?


(It amuses me when the English prefer to forget that many of their monarchy are German.)

So today is a holiday Monday in Canada, the first long weekend of the summer season, the weekend of opening up summer cottages for many. Here in Vancouver we had a glorious sunny week, but the weekend weather caved into a rainy one. My week's heavy gardening work resulted in severe back pain, so the wet weather actually allowed me to rest without temptation or guilt and I feel much better now. Happy Victoria Day!

Marja-Leena | 21/05/2007 | 4 comments
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Take good care of your back, won't you?

Oh TG, thank you! It's much better already. My usual annual spring overdoing-it-in-the-garden abuse of my aging body! (Try saying that fast, heh.)

My back is suffering from today's planting out of the courgettes, so I sympathise.

Let's remember the Royals connived in our forgetfulness by changing their name to Windsor. We haven't forgotten where Phil the Greek comes from, however.

Mr Zip, thanks for the sympathy, and same to you! Yes, the conniving Royals - but then aren't all the royals of Europe related to each other!? I guess I just have to chuckle at some snobby Brits who think they are "pure" English, especially some of the colonials living on this side of the pond. I think Queen Victoria must have been quite the lady to survive in that man's world.