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a reunion

home late from an amazing reunion of 'preschool moms'
my ears are ringing from all the excited chatter and laughter
some of us haven't seen each other in more than 30 years
plus a few good friends who are still in our neighbourhood
and a dear friend who came over from the Island for this
and is staying here with us
now off to sleep, perchance to dream
of those long ago days as young mothers

Marja-Leena | 16/11/2010 | 6 comments
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It's actually more amazing that there are enough of those "moms" around in the sama area - still.

Well, we had a reunion some years back, but so we had been living in a commune, which happened to have 12 grown-ups, 5 children and 9 cats. Each family had a class room in an old school. And single students got a room mate.

It was cheap living for students, truly.

Reunions arouse all sorts of old and new thoughts. I think they are great. At my age, though, so many of the possible invitees are already gone.

That's so nice so many of you managed to stay close to one another. That's one thing I've missed.

Thanks Ripsa, Anne and Susan, I was too tired to write much last night and even today I'm exhausted by the whole experience of talking to so many people (and the noise of 50+ women all talking at the same time!!)

It is surprising how many are still in the community. Some came from a bit farther away, like my dear friend (she left this afternoon). Many could not make it for various reasons such as being away on vacations. I really missed a few that didn't come. The teacher from those years was there, a marvelous, generous and lovely person that we all love so much. Many spoke of how much this parent participation preschool helped our children start their school life so positively. We also spoke of the wonderful friendships made here. I was then a young mother new in Vancouver, not knowing anyone, and this was where many friendships were forged, including my dearest friend and our families, and of course the friendships between many of the children that lasted through their school years, even some beyond.

Anne, yes, we thought of some of the mothers and children who are no longer with us. This was the first reunion I've ever attended and I had some mixed feelings because of course I didn't know every body and don't care for large gatherings like this. Still, the good moments were precious!

Susan, I know what you mean about missing out on friendships when moving away - that happened with us when we left Winnipeg, then Fort St. John, though we try to keep in touch with a few. Hope you will find great new friends in Halifax!

I've lost so many friends over the years as I've moved around. I envy you this experience.

Hattie, that really is the downside of moving a lot. I suppose it's one reason we've stayed put in this community, after moving a lot in our childhood. Our children have grown up here.