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a rock


an odd-shaped rock covered in barnacles...

I stop and wonder how ancient it is, how far it has travelled

if it is made up of thousands of compressed fossils
of preserved barnacles and other ancient animal life

and if the metamorphoses and the cycles will still go on...

Marja-Leena | 28/04/2007 | 9 comments
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I love this rock. So self-contained and mysterious...

It's really beautiful, isn't it? I like seeing what you see...

It is said of Lord Krishna that when one looked into his mouth, one could see the whole universe--as one sees the solar system in this barnacle-encrusted rock.

Tall Girl, glad you think so!

Beth, yes, and thank you for looking!

Peter, that's very profound, thank you. By the way, I'm having trouble commenting on your blog again. The password thingie doesn't like me.

Try it now, Marja-Leena. I tweaked one of the settings that might have been the problem. If that doesn't work, e-mail me your comment directly and i'll publish it.

Peter, thanks for the tweak - it worked!

...and the rock cried out 'no hiding place!'

It looks like the head of a hound, minus ears. Brancusi would have like this rock but maybe would have decided to polish off all the barnacles. I like it as is. Amazing.

Lucy - heh, thanks for chiming in!

Natalie - Brancusi, yes, I thought of him too but not a hound's head! It also reminds me of a saddle, but I like the more mysterious interpretations. Rock of ages...

Amazing responses to a plain old rock... just goes to show what looking at a seemingly ordinary object with different eyes can do!