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a test piece


torn etchings, mylar and cotton string
14.5cm x 24.5 cm. (5.5" x 10") plus string

I recently found this in an old sketchbook. It was a little test I once made to experiment with a way of mounting art work on paper. The prints are tucked inside a fold of mylar (plastic) with holes punched all through and held up by string. This made me remember a series of pressed paper pieces that I had made and had mounted this way. I must look for them and see if I have any slides of them. Another inspiring revisit of past works! I rather like this piece and am toying with the idea of doing this with some new pieces sometime.

Amazing how this connects with my jute and twine, torn drawings and paper tears.

Marja-Leena | 26/08/2012 | 6 comments
themes: Being an Artist, Older Works, Printmaking


Bravo M-L, bravo. Sometimes things discarded provide inspiration for things present and future. This sort of thing - string and threads and tangles somehow united - inspires me a lot.

The effect is so textile-like, with the string-like patterns in the black etching too! I like it. It's exciting to go back through the drawers and files and see partially-formed ideas that maybe we didn't know what to do with at the time, but now spark a new direction. Anxious to see what you do!

Jean, really? I had to look hard to find that, but yes. Amazing what others see.

Joe, thanks for the bravos! Yes, discarded things seem to be appealing to me these days as I revisit old drawings and find these kinds of experiments.

Beth, those patterns were made by pressing string into soft-ground then etched - have you ever tried it? I am curious to see where this re-discovery will lead me. So often I have things going in many different directions and it can take a while before I come back to one of those paths not taken.

It's a very interesting piece and I like the simple yet elegant display.

Susan, thanks. I wish you could see the real thing for it is fun to handle.