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a welcome back

A funny thing about blogging - one meets other bloggers and after a while many feel like they are good friends even if we never meet. When one of them quits blogging it's like losing a friend. This happened to me and to her numerous fans, when Amy Kane shut down ever so humble last fall.

Well, I'm so excited to find Amy is back at a new blog Atlantic Ave.! If you were a reader of her blog before and miss her, go visit her again and say "welcome back"! (Or am I the last to know?) But, if Amy is new to you, I recommend a visit as I think you will enjoy her snippets of life in New Hampshire as she shares "news, photos and observations about a small place called home."

Marja-Leena | 17/02/2006 | 7 comments
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I've been loving my reading here. And thanks for Amy....

Hi Lorna - thanks for visiting and the kind words! Nice to meet another Canadian blogger!

Hi Marja-Leena,

How nice to return to New Hampshire. Looks Amy is focusing on evoking local phenomena and is doing a good job of it.

Hi Bill, it's been a while. Are you from NH, or a former reader of Amy's past blogs?

O I visit by when you aren't here.
Only know about Ever So Humble. Did she have another one before that? I like her new, more reportorial stance. I also liked ESH. She, and you, came early on in the young growth of my blog visiting tree. I can't remember who came first, you or she. It was when I realized blogs could be intelligent and interactive. Before that I think I had several months knocking myself out at a blog making comments that were never heeded. I really haven't travelled far beyond the Qarttsiluni pool since.

Ever so Humble was one of my early reads too! Amy had one earlier, by the same name I seem to recall, that she quit then restarted fresh. We bloggers do appreciate comments, and I do try to answer - makes it more fun, not like you are talking to thin air wondering if anyone is reading. I don't like the term lurking - not nice - for readers who never comment - that's ok too.

Your blog is some of my choosen lurks. I hide and look for the additional cover of fresh posts.