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...we arrived in London!

I've started to reread my posts about our trip to the UK and Paris (under the 'travel' category). Here is the first one about getting ready for the big trip. Interesting to note how much later everything was in the garden last year. I also pulled out my tiny little travel diary with it's meager quick notes about each day's adventures as I was usually too tired each evening to write much. Example from April 26th, on the plane:

A window seat, thought I'd booked aisle. Trouble with swelling feet. No sleep. Dinner somewhat OK. Breakfast all sugar!

Cryptic, no marks for great writing here. And here's the 27th in London:

Arrived 10:30 am, a Monday in London. Rainy. Looong passport queue. Picked up by driver arranged by J - nice service! Lovely to see the family! The girls seem to have grown more inches since Christmas. After lunch, a walk to local shopping street in Muswell Hill: Planet Organics, Sainsbury's, a garden and gift shop. Brief nap. Sleeping in lowest level of charming three level flat, hide-a-bed in living room. Bathroom top level, a narrow winding staircase.


I rarely blogged while on the trip though we had husband's laptop along. At home it took me months to blog about the whole trip, still leaving Paris barely covered. Maybe I'll revisit some of those posts (and risk boring readers who've already read it all) and maybe fill in some of the gaps, at least with some unposted photos, such as above of our daughter's family's home, the flat to the right of the tree. Anyway, for me it's fun to travel down memory lane and dream about another trip some day.

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Muswell Hill - home of the Kinks, my favorite of the English bands. It's a lovely place and i for one will look forward to more of your stories and pictures.

Susan, you are the first reader (not living in London) to recognize the name of this neigbourhood. I don't know the band, sorry! Thanks for the encouragement for more.

I have far too many favorite songs by the Kinks to easily name but here's a nice example of why we've always loved Ray Davies.

Susan, thanks for the link. Oh, that is so early 70s, so gentle compared to much of today's music.

You know I'm always up for more travel posts, Marja-Leena!

R, you are too kind! I just read the archives and diary for myself, such as this: a year ago yesterday, I met Natalie and a year ago tomorrow, I met some other bloggers! We'll see where this goes, but if inspiration strikes I may post something new.

Hi..I am reading your page for a few days now is there any way to subscribe by email

Russell, you may like to try the news feed like RSS - please check the choices underneath the Search bar on the left.

I think that you should definitely do a Paris post. Revisiting photographs and memories is a great pleasure . . . and anyway, it will be fresh for your readers no matter what.

How long has your daughter lived in Muswell Hill? Would she like to trade for a barn in West Berkshire?

Bee, indeed I may do some Paris posts because I never did finish those last year, and you inspired me with yours!

My daughter has lived there about two years and a bit, I think. Are you serious? Shall I ask her about a trade? Is it far from London for son-in-law to commute to work?