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looking down, seeing sky at my feet

Marja-Leena | 03/01/2010 | 5 comments
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You and I would see that as a potential mess; the swing user would regard it as an added attraction, gaily splashing his/her feet through the puddle with each forward/backward cycle. It is often quite hard to adopt and maintain the role of an adult.

You have rain in the north of Canada and we have snow in the south east of England. I always like to see the sky in a puddle.

BB, I can just imagine you splashing about in this puddle, maybe pushing a grandchild on the swing! Don't forget the knee high rubber boots.

Joe, this is normal weather for Vancouver (in south west Canada, the rainy west coast!). Last year's snow was unusual though not unheard of, sort of like your weather this year.

Looks like the first scene of a children's story ~ the doorway to another world!

R, that's a great idea! I might suggest it to the granddaughters.