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This glorious amber sunrise met me as I walked into the kitchen about 8:00 am this morning, after a clear frosty night! The sunshine stayed with us all day so we were able to put up the outdoor holiday lights and gather greenery and berry branches for the winter planters. More photos to come of the frost....

Marja-Leena | 04/12/2010 | 9 comments
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Oh gosh, that is gorgeous light with which to start a winter's day!

Glorious sunrise, Marja-Leena! Wonderful shot, with the mist rising off the water and between the hills.

Interesting how the telephone wires look like the ruled lines waiting for musical notation.

What a glorious way to start the day. I like the thought of gathering greenery for the season too.

Thanks all, for the appreciative comments. We've survived what is usually our rainiest month, November, and this is like a reward as we start December. We enjoy the sunshine in its scarcity, and I hope all you northerners are too! Hhb, of course you've lots of it in your Aussie summer right now.

Those colours are really something. Nice capture, Marja-Leena! Joe's comment about the telephone wires is great ... what music would go with such a sunrise?

Beautiful - including the strings that hold you to the earth.

what a view you wake up to! beautiful.

R, thanks, and for music how about 'Ode to Joy"?

Susan and Taina. thanks, it was a special moment.