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American Thanksgiving

Today's view outside the window at my computer, just before the fog thickened...

What a foggy foggy week we are having though the sun is shining on the mountaintops, I'm told! Sometimes one can barely see more than half a block away. The fog is not only on the coast but even in the interior, as my daughter and partner found driving home on Sunday. I did get a lot of overdue fall gardening jobs done on Monday in the damp chill. I'm still struggling with getting better installation photos of my exhibition. Today's results are a bit better, but I'm going to try another tactic tomorrow. I'm learning. I hope to post some more shots for your viewing pleasure tomorrow.

According to the stats, the majority of my readers are in the US, and I've noticed that activity on many of their blogs is rather quiet this week. Then I remembered, it is American Thanksgiving tomorrow, and a major long weekend holiday which many will extend even longer. Unlike the Canadian Thanksgiving in early October, this one becomes the start of the Christmas shopping and holiday season. Someone once told me that they put up the Christmas decorations at this time. What are the different traditions amongst my American readers, I wonder?

I wish a happy and safe Thanksgiving to all readers, friends and family in the US - don't eat too much turkey and pie!

ADDENDUM: Friday, November 25th. Today is Black Friday in the US.

Marja-Leena | 23/11/2005 | 3 comments
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This morning I woke to see a coat of snow on my deck, and now it's snowing again! I got up early to make a pumpkin pie to take to my friends' house for Thanksgiving. For many years my mom and I went shopping early on Friday, not at the malls but in the quaint shops of Portsmouth, not far from where my parents lived on the New Hampshire seacoast. My folks moved away last summer, so a friend and I will drive up there to carry on the tradition. But I don't decorate the house until well into December!

Hei, Marja-Leena! Tänään perjantaina Thanksgiving on ohi, ja hirveä ostosryysis on menossaan USA:ssa. Olen rauhallinen ihminen, enkä kovin ahnekaan, joten pysyttelen kotona.
Kiitos käynnistäsi blogillani! Kiva, jos se ilahduttaa sinua. Oletko käynyt Suomessa . . .?
Nyt lähden nautiskelemaan taiteestasi, josta lisää myöhemmin. Hyvää jatkoa! Inspiraatiota! TW.

leslee, I like your kind of Thanksgiving, a getting together with family and dear friends.

Hei Tuovi, minä olen samanlainen koti ihminen, ostoksilla vain pakolla ja ehdottomasti silloin kun ei ole ruuhkaa! Olen käynyt Suomessa muutaman kerran vuosien mittaan pitkin välin, mutta viimeksi v.2000 ja uudelleen v.2002 kun Vaasassa oli taidenäyttelyni. Oletko asunut kauan USAssa?