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Video excerpt from Expedition ins Gehirn (Beautiful Minds: A Voyage Into the Brain), Colourfield Productions, Dortmund, Germany

Watch this 5 minute video** of a brilliant artistic savant who goes for a 45 minute helicopter ride over Rome. He then draws an accurate representation of the city from memory onto a 5 1/2 yard panorama panel in 3 days! Stephen Wiltshire's inspiring story is one of many featured in an article about the Savant Syndrome.

**For those with a dial-up connection, here's a lower resolution video.

(Thanks to artist Marc Robert North for posting this link in the Carfac-BC newsletter.)

Marja-Leena | 24/11/2006 | 4 comments
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Ach du LIEBE! That's AMAZING!

I saw that last night somewhere - pretty amazing.

How is it possible? I have known someone (of good intellect) with photographic recall - could quickly read a newspaper & recite text, column placements, etc. But this is such a feat of instant visual recording. If they can ever crack the savant mystery we will take a huge leap forward. Thanks.

Thanks Erika, Dave and Anna! What amazes me most is not just his photographic memory, but his amazing skill at rendering it all so accurately, beautifully, and quickly.