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Installation photo of Silent Messengers: Connecting with D'Amico #1-5 (left to right)

Well, I've spent many hours getting intimate with the digital camera and an external flash trying to get some decent installation photos of my work. As I'm no expert with the finer points of this technology, it's been rather frustrating. The conditions in the gallery are difficult to overcome with its different types of lights, bright spots, dark spots, a ceiling that is grey and textured that won't reflect a bounce flash, and the art work that has a shiny mylar layer. The colours keep coming up wrong, such as the walls which are really a greyish white in real life. So, I've resigned myself to offering this pitiful photo of the group of prints called Silent Messengers: Connecting with D'Amico #1-5 in addition to the other one I posted recently.

As I've mentioned before, artist Karen D'Amico** of London, UK, and I met and corresponded through our respective artist blogs. She mailed me about a dozen close-ups of rocks that she had photographed. Karen offered these to me to use in my work as I wished. I chose five of them to create Silent Messengers: Connecting with D'Amico #1-5. Thus it became "a borderless collaboration of sorts", as Karen commented.

I am going to arrange a photo session in the audiovisual centre of the library with proper lights and a high-end digital camera, maybe with a polarizing filter, to take proper photos of each of the new works. Usually I take slides with a regular camera, but more and more galleries are finally accepting digital images on CDs. It will save the step of scanning slides when I need digital files, like for this blog. All going well, these will get posted here soon and archived in my portfolio under Printworks at the top left. (Then you will get a better look though never as good as the real thing!) If you haven't already seen them, check out the first three Silent Messengers there. The last ten Nexus series prints, some of which were the first experiments with layering and with full digital printmaking, are also in the show. These are rather scattered in the Nexus portfolio, having been posted in the infancy of my blog.

** Reedited March 15th, 2013: Karen has not been at this blog address for some years, so link has been removed. I have now quite accidentally found her new eponymous website: Karen Ay

Marja-Leena | 24/11/2005 | 2 comments
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Gee, hard work getting the photos the way you want them! I am so glad i was able to experience them in Real Time, a brief and awesome wave of the curtain between the worlds, revealing the timeless quality of rock art combined with now art. Remember us if you make the trip to quadra island, a sacred journey that takes you to the place between the worlds....

Linda, how beautifully you convey this "curtain between the worlds", thank you! Yes, do count on us consulting you before we go to Quadra, hopefully next spring or summer.