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and more snow


snowing all night, snowing this morning
schools and colleges closed, commuting chaos

garden under heavy white blanket, tree branches weighed down
silence punctuated with soft thuds, scrape of shovel
glad I can stay home today, like the happy kids

Marja-Leena | 29/01/2008 | 6 comments
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Lucky you! Looks beautiful. We have rain washing away our last piddling snowfall.

Ja Suomen pitäisi olla talvella luminen... Eilen juuri tuijotettiin pikkukasaa ja todettiin, kas lunta.

How I miss real snow. Here in the warming UK we never seem to get a lasting blanket which wraps the garden and muffles sound to lull us into the rest that winter should be. We seem to get a day or two of chaos then quickly disappearing slush. Thank you for the wondrous photos, and enjoy!

Dave, these snow days don't last long around here, so I just enjoy. Not looking forward to the inevitable rain to follow, what a mess!

Hei Tuima, oikein ihmetetyttää Suomen lumeton talvi! Siellähän on samoja lämpoasteita kuin Vancouverissa.

Olga, In our earlier years on Vancouver we'd often have the snow last up to a week, but not anymore, just like you are experiencing. It's been cold here this winter though. The part I dislike is the rain that comes on top of the snow.

I thought you had this snow business sussed in Canada - chains & blowers et al - and it was only the UK that descended into total chaos after a few flurries. We have a weather warning of a cold snap soon, but mostly up North, I think. I'm happy to be milder, used to hate digging out the drive for two hours every morning.

Anna, southwest BC is not like the rest of Canada, we learned when we first moved here. People don't know how to drive in snow here. But the snow is wet and heavy and the roads very hilly. Hardly anyone has snow tires for these rare snowfalls. So that adds up to chaos. Oh, but that happens everywhere when there's too much of the white stuff at once. Oh, oh, it's snowing again - amazing that it's lasting this long.