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These fallen flowers are from a favourite houseplant of mine called angel wing begonia, named for its distinctive wing shaped leaves. I think these fading petals look like angel wings too.

Marja-Leena | 24/08/2012 | 14 comments
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Fascinating flowers, with those stiff bits just below the petals, and I love the stalks too - all so sculptural. I agree about the dried out blooms too. I think that there is so much which is attractive about the shapes and forms of dying plants. And lovely colours - and such a range.

Olga, I'm pleased that you find these attractive, thanks.

I still marvel at how you take these beautiful images, Marja-Leena. They seem so painterly, and fairly leap off the screen of the monitor.

Martha, thanks, it really isn't hard if you have a scanner and some photo-editing software. I love the black background I get when I leave the lid open (at least with my model). The results remind me of old Dutch flower paintings.

I too love the painterly quality of these - the translucence and the contrast between the delicate pinks and the parts that have completely lost their colour. Gorgeous.

Lovely shades and shapes. Oddly, I was just reading about wings...

Jean, thank you, I am glad you like these.

Marly, oddly (;-), 'wings' made me think of you.

Upeita kuvia, terälehdet todella näyttävät lentävän!

These are lovely images and so delicately placed. I have a little list of plants I'm going to adopt when we move. The angel wing begonia has just been added. Another is the streptocarpus in honor of a plant I had to leave behind in Portland. My mother brought a cutting of one home from her brother's house in England and then gave me a new young plant that grew enormous over the years.

Taina, kiitos sanoista ja käynnistä!

Susan, this begonia is easy to grow, when it gets too tall I start again with cuttings. I haven't had luck with two attempts with streptocarpus though one daughter has one that is several years old. I should try again.

The flowers are so delicate, and I love those various pastel shades. We have some begonias in the yard that grow like weeds. Maybe I will take a picture of them. They have very simple-looking white flowers.

Hattie, I imagine what we call houseplants here grow wild in your backyard in Hawaii.

I am always catching up on blogs. I love these begonia images. The pinks and greens against the black background -- stunning.

Anne, I'm glad you stopped by and enjoyed these.