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another floral scan


no time for many words so just an image for now...
a busy week, back at the printmaking studio
but taking a mid-week break for a visit from dear friends...

Marja-Leena | 15/09/2011 | 11 comments
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What is the name of that? I have it in my backyard.

Hattie, it is a mini hoya, a houseplant here though obviously a tropical, lucky you.

Eight tiny blossoms ... do they all have 8?

Right. A hoya. I knew the name once but had forgotten it. Those minis are cute. I've seen them in flower shops.

just to say hello! I often drop in but rarely comment. There are only so many ways of saying wow that's beautiful...

I mistook it for daphne but it is too late in the season for them.

rouchswalwe, yes, they do, except when they slowly drop one tiny blossom at a time.

Hattie, I was lucky to get a cutting from an artist friend many years ago. She hangs hers outside on her porch in the summer. I've not noticed it in shops.

rosie, great to see you, and thanks!

Susan, now that you mention it, there is some resembalnce to daphne flower though I think the leaves are different, at least the daphne variety I used to have in my previous garden.

You're right. The leaves are waxy and spatulate while the flowers are quite subtle. I remember sniffing my way to the first one I ever found.

Susan, you may be thinking of the thick and waxy leaves on the regular large hoya. The flowers are larger and somewhat heavier scented especially at night.

Lovely. I think that's one of the hoyas my mother grew--one of the glabrous ones. Just tried to look it up... Hoya bella? They are crazily varied, but I hardly ever see any but hoya bella and hoya carnosa (love that color.) Evidently there are nigh-black ones, too.

Marly, yes, there are so many variations of this, most of which I've never seen. The big-leafed hoya was the one everyone seemed to have in their living-rooms as I was growing up.