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Getting ready for a special teatime on the deck, one summer afternoon a few weeks ago, after daughter Elisa came home from an unusual visit to her favourite Italian bakery in Vancouver. How excited and round-eyed the grandgirls were, as were we adults! Please read and enjoy the very special story behind the significance of the appleturnovers, pictured below, and why she chose it as the name of her blog.


I forget the name of the amazing cake below so I'm calling it profiterole cake, for the round chocolate-covered custard-filled minicakes on top of the big cake. Oh my!


Happy first blog anniversary to appleturnover!

Marja-Leena | 07/09/2011 | 12 comments
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my eyes were just as round when marco came out and gave me that cake! so glad i could share it with you all x

Oh those look soo good,especially the chocolate one!

Elisa, on the next special occasion we'll know where to get the best treats!

Cathy, they tasted as wonderful as they looked, the vanilla custard filling is to die for.

Her blog looks quite fine--good design, and a narrative with heaps of pictures is always satisfying!

Speaking of what "is always," chocolate is always welcome...

Marly, I'm glad you had a look and liked. Oh, yes to chocolate!

Oh yum! I've been eying the apples that are starting to come out around here, and thinking of apple pie and apple crisp... I've never made turnovers, but they look delicious. One of the consolations of the end of summer.

What beautiful food!

Leslee, yes, apples and fall and baking again, after refraining from turning the oven on for weeks, but still it is hot. Can hardly wait for cool fall days.

Anne, yes, like works of art, are they not?

I loved the story. It's the small and perfect things that make life worth living.

Oh, gee, those baked goods are killing me! I suppose it's just as well I can't get things like that where I am.

Susan, well said, thanks!

Hattie, and I'm glad the bakery isn't in our neighbourhood! Too good to resist if it was around here.

x thank you! i'm desperate for an apple turnover now myself!