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I was shocked on waking up to see snow coming down and it just keeps coming, wet yet sticking. What an April Fool's Day joke Mother Nature is playing on us! Rare though it is, we've had snow in April before and later, like last year's very damaging one.

We hope today's snow isn't going to build up so much as to cause any trouble, like a prank gone bad. Oh, just as I'm ready to press 'publish', it has started to rain - phew!

May the practical jokes you experience be funny ones, dear readers!

Marja-Leena | 01/04/2009 | 9 comments
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Good one, Marja-Leena! I was so busy at work yesterday I did not have one free moment to engage in April Fool's antics and fun. (You are foolin' us 'bout the snow, eh?)

We could not believe how cool and windy it's been around here. And there is a lot of snow in on mountains, too.

so, the trickster has been playing snow games on the West Coast, too? This changeable weather must wreak havoc on all the flowers and plants that are fooled to start budding, only to be trodden with snow!

Rouchswalwe, I'm not fooling!

Martha, thanks for dropping by!

Hattie, maybe it's some Pacific weather thing we're sharing?

Taina, but you've had an ice storm and a snow storm! I must not complain.

You want funny weather? We've got funny weather.

BB, I've been watching the weather in Europe - looks pretty nice to me, more like what we normally would have. Ah well, we've got a few sunny days here now though it's still frosty at night.

Here in Portland the April 1st weather decided to pretend it was January but true to tradition it warmed up by noon.

You have a lovely site here and beautiful leaf pictures. I hope the CBC gets protected and that Stephen Harper gets unelected.

(a friend of Martha)

Hi Susan! Thanks for dropping by with your good words! Today, suddenly came summer, at least for a few days.