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Linden Langdon, a printmaker living in Tasmania, has chimed in with a lovely comment on last week's post Anniversary & Rocks. She writes: "I have put together a flash file of a few photos my mum has taken while she has been travelling in the outback (Australia), which I thought you may be interested in seeing. It is always so stunning to see such similarities and also diversity in such ancient art work - no internet to let each other know what they were doing!"

So over to her blog I went, as I do almost daily, to read about her family's interest in rocks and rock art (February 8, 2005) and Linden's kind mention of my blog. The Flash presentation of Outback Australian rock art is beautiful! Thank you, Linden, to both you and your mom for sharing, and for the compliments!

One of the very great pleasures of blogging for me are the interesting people who have written to me from around the world and shared their similar interests and sometimes their own research and photos, like Linden has today, and also Vyacheslav Mizin of St. Petersburg, Russia. The world has shrunk indeed.

I haven't really researched Australia's Rock Art yet, but here are a few links that I have bookmarked if you are interested. If any readers have suggestions and would like to share them, I can add them to the list.

The Bradshaw Foundation has been mentioned before for their excellent work around the world. Check out the "Bradshaw Paintings" for Australia's art.

Steve Lonker's page

Auranet, Australian Rock Art Research

Marja-Leena | 08/02/2005 | 2 comments
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Hi Marja-Leena,
You know, this post reminds me... I have a book that I bet you'd like to read, if you haven't already:
"Patterns That Connect" by Carl Schuster & Edmmund Carpenter, ISBN 0-8109-6326-4
It's a big book, full of ancient designs and symbolism from around the world (including a lot of rock art) and these guys look into the similarities and links between the designs.
Check it out! You'll never see these designs in quite the way again.

Hi Anna! I don't know that book - it sounds great, just up my alley, and I will look for it. Thanks for the recommendation.