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autumn at home


surprise sunrise scene in the kitchen


lovely blossoms still blooming madly but producing only plum sized squash babies


from volunteers that appeared late in the summer and have grown like Jack-in-the-beanstalks in the new planting bed


the best fall ever for the Michaelmas daisies

Marja-Leena | 08/10/2009 | 4 comments
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Would you believe it? I have a bunch of squash plants that look just like yours! I threw some seeds from a squash onto a compost pile, and they are thriving. I think I may get some good squash if the slugs don't decimate them (a constant battle here). I came home from Europe to find that my tomato and pepper plants had all been eaten! But the weeds are in excellent health!

Hattie, you have slugs there too? Sorry to hear of the losses! Bane of my garden too! I'm guessing your squashes will mature, while it's now too cold here. We eat a lot of squash so the compost is full of their seeds. They didn't 'cook' obviously for the compost I put in the new bed gave forth to this abundance. The little blueberry bushes are buried in there somewhere.

The photos are all very nice but the first one made me catch my breath. How wonderful to have a home overlooking water.

Susan, thanks and yes, we are very lucky living here where we see ocean and mountains, the ever changing scenes. I just love the sparkle of the morning sun on the water, it always reminds me of my youth at a little summer cottage on the Winnipeg River in Manitoba. (You are spoiling me with so many comments this evening!)