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The giant-leaved maples have been dropping their crisp golden brown leaves for a while thanks to our very dry summer. But the sight of the first red tinges on our native vine maples of southwest BC excite me the most.

Marja-Leena | 10/09/2010 | 10 comments
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Oh, very beautiful!

How wonderful that you've captured the transition of colors on one branch. There is something about maples . . . well, they are the quintessential autumnal tree.

When I was in Oxford on Friday I noticed the first leaves changing. Usually I hate saying good-bye to summer, but this year I'm looking forward to the colder days (if not the darker ones).

Every year I am delighted anew at the transition of colours. Your maple is lovely. Unfortunately we have had a rather wet summer, and so are due to have a short sharp transition and fall of leaves.

Congratulations on the small print exhibition. I hope that all goes well at the opening and that it proves to be a great show.

Jean, thanks.

Bee, I'm happy to be over the heat of summer, but like you, not about the shorter and darker days.

Olga, the changing colours do make fall so special. Hopefully it won't be too wet here which might be possible after our drought. The grass is green and growing again after some recent and much needed rains. And thanks for the congrats and good wishes - I may write more about the show afterwards.

There was a definite nip in the air around here today which made me excited about watching the first real winter arrive since we left New England more than 16 years ago. Naturally, I'm hoping our clothing arrives well before it starts to get seriously cold. It would be nice to have our furniture and other belongings too.

Lovely picture.

Oh, what stunning colours and shapes. How good to actually see the colour changing.

Oh, this photo is so cool. It reminds me of when I was in college and I'd collect small colored leaves in the fall and put them on a black sheet of construction paper and then iron them between two sheets of wax paper to make book marks. I'd do it every fall. The colors look so striking against the black! I too LOVE this time of year!

Susan, I guess it's a bit cooler in Halifax now. You will have an exciting year ahead with all the changes with living in a new city, country and climate!

Hhb, yes, thanks, it is fun to see the change.

Elise! Hi, great to see you here. I had the very same thoughts as I was doing the scans. We've sure moved on, eh.

A lovely breath of autumn to be had here! Congratulations on the small prints expo.

Lucy, thanks! We're in the midst of heavy autumn rains now.