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enjoying a few much-craved glorious sunny days,
doing some fall chores in the garden,
and a walkabout with the camera...

Marja-Leena | 15/10/2011 | 8 comments
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Lovely photos.

See! This is why I like you so much, Marja-Leena! What beautiful curly-cues you have shown us. Movement ... and dance on film. Wow!

very beautiful. heading into a sunny autumn day myself x

Dave, thank you!

R, wow, thanks for the enthusiastic response!

Elisa, glad you like, and hope your day was great.

The colours are subtle yet beautifully real and I love the shapes. The closer we get the more complex the form - so it goes all the way down.

I hope you had a good day in the sun. There have been a couple of days worth of big waves at the beach park. Today we sat and watched ducks surfing as they tried to paddle between the breakers. Sometimes it didn't work and we counted heads as they popped back up to the surface.

Susan, glad to hear about your day at the beach birdwatching. We're thankful that our sunny days continue, though the nights and early mornings are a bit foggy and quie cool. We're getting some garden chores done, including trying to move a couple of huge rhododendrons that have outgrown their present home, still a work in progress! Everything grows too fast and too big here, that's life in the rain forest.

Gracefulness of the dying year--like it! (Shall come back and look at more later. I'm taking a break from the madness...)

Marly, great to see you, peeking out from your writer's retreat in the ivory tower of editing.... hope you'll be fully emerged back in the real world soon... though not too real, we artists do need to keep dreaming, eh. I haven't knocked on your door for awhile either, not wishing to disturb.