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enjoying this interplay of patterns of sun and shadows on wood and stone

Marja-Leena | 23/10/2011 | 7 comments
themes: Photoworks, Urban


The soft shades of the old boards are nice but I especially like the warmth in the shadows across the bricks.

I love shadow photos. One thing I miss here in the tropics is that slanted light.

A fine collection of shadows and reflections in this and the previous posts. A subject which I am very much drawn to, where photography seems to do better than drawing or painting could.

Susan, the photo of the earthy bricks certainly seemed to pick up the warm colours. I was mostly struck by all the lines going in different directions. Inspirations for a textile designer, perhaps.

Hattie, the slanted golden light is certainly a lovely thing here in the fall.

Joe, thanks. I know you have an interest in this too. I especially like your photos of shadows of people out walking or cycling or lunching in cafes. I need to get out more but I'm shy about photographing strangers.

Beautiful. I can imagine the air is crisp, the place quiet, and shadows move slowly.

Patterns. The only way any data makes sense in the wider context.

Try their shadows. They are less sensitive.

Anil, thank you. Interesting, and how true, what you say about patterns.

Joe, yes, heh, that's it! Must try it sometime.