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Longing to get out into the garden to clean up yet-untrimmed perennials, prune the roses and hydrangeas, weed and smell the earth, I've been frustrated by our extra long and colder winter. Usually the second half of February is spring-like, but sunshine has teased us only a few hours on a few days, and then it often happens that I'm working in the studio. The days are getting longer, yes, but they are still so gloomy that it's easy to feel a bit just a bit SAD.

After a busy and productive week in the studio (yea!), I'd hoped for the blessings and energy from some sunshine. Instead it's very cold (3C), windy and rainy with new snow on the mountains. Instead of outdoors, I've been in our unheated (10C) solarium cleaning up fallen leaves from cold-suffering and pouting hibiscuses and jades. A few hardy plants are bringing some pleasure though, and I tried taking some photos to share. A sign of how dark it is even out there at mid-day is that the camera's flash kept coming on.


Anyway, here are two of my favourite old faithfuls - a jade and a heavenly scented orchid. Wishing an early spring to all my readers who are having a late and snowy winter!

I must say though, that Dave Bonta's beautiful winter photos almost make me want snow again!

P.S. Oh, and while I'm playing a bit of linky love, I've been wanting to point out Teju Cole's essay on how to write. I'm always in such awe of his writing on his blog that it makes me feel like I should stop my own scribblings and just concentrate on my visual art!

Marja-Leena | 24/02/2007 | 12 comments
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It don't think I could live anyplace that didn't get enough light! Cold is one thing - you can stay indoors or bundle up. But being without enough sunlight does make me SAD. This morning it was around 6 degrees F (-14 C?) on my thermometer, and windy. But the sun was very bright all day. I wish that Spring is suddenly sprung on you, Marja-Leena. Lovely that you have these blooms in your solarium. The only thing blooming here is the Christmas cactus.

Hei Peter! I was thinking of your photo as I took mine - I remember it, you see! I prefer not using flash because it washes out the details tho' a bit of photoshopping helped out.

Leslee, I remember how much more sun we got in snowier climes! But how cold it is...

No Christmas cacti blooming here inside the house right now, but I have an orchid and two amarylli in bloom to add some much-needed cheer. Thanks for the spring wishes - same to you!

Ihastuttava orkidea!

Hei Anna! Tiedän että olet orkidean rakastaja ja tämä kiinnostaisi. Tämä on jo vanha kasvi mutta säännöllisesti kukkii talvella, tykkää kylmästä. Minun sisällä lämmössä olevat perhos(?) orkideat taas eivät kaikki ole niin helposti kukkivia.

I just bought a cyclamen to put on my desk at work. I have no luck with orchids but adore seeing them in other's houses. Snow is falling right now so I won't even look for a snowdrop, but I am longing for the first tender green shoots of anything.

Hi Loretta! So much of North America (I presume that you are somewhere there) is under snow that sometimes I feel I shouldn't be complaining of RAIN. After all the snowdrops are out, a few crocuses and a winter camellia are trying to bloom even if much later than usual. But this morning it is SNOWING here! It melts instantly on the ground but... good grief!

Thanks for these bits of green and blossom! I hope you get your sunshine soon. "Linky love" made me grin.

Hola Marja-Leena... We'll soon be basking in the sun and tossing the snow-shovels into the shed. This dreary weather can dampen one's spirits, but we'll rebound and start enjoying 'springtime in the rockies' soon. I suggest to those who get writer's block to read 'The Old Man & the Sea' by Ernest Hemmingway. Forget the compound-complex structure and just keep writing what's on/in your mind. After your done, then do the editing: cut & paste and so forth. You'll be amazed at the results! Establish your own paradigm! de buena suerte
Hausta Luego

MB, you're welcome, glad you liked it. As I wrote earlier, we had snow this morning as far down as sea level. As we were having our walk around 5 pm, the clouds parted and the sun shone on the snowy mountain tops - what a brilliant sight! I wished I'd had the camera.

Hi Roger! I'm sure that Calgarians are ready for spring! Thanks for the suggestion to writers out there (including me)! Teju also suggests studying your favourite writers.

A belated thanks for the link/plug (which I saw when it came out). Just this morning I was idly wondering whether I had enough winter poems to make a small book together with some of my photos. I wouldn't say it's my favorite season, but only because it seems absurd to pick favorites among the seasons.

Dave, it was my pleasure to share my enjoyment of your wonderful snow photos. I think a book of poems and photos sounds like a great idea - I hope you do it! Each season has it's own special beauty, I agree. Make a book for each one, or maybe all seasons in one big book - how about that?