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Late last night we returned from several lovely days in Montréal. This was my first visit there, not counting passing through on the train from the ship in Halifax to Winnipeg as a five-year-old immigrant with my family long ago! On this, my husband's second trip there, we combined much pleasure with a little business for him. And oh, what pleasure to get acquainted with this very French and very multicultural historic old city! The greatest pleasure naturally was to meet face to face for the first time and spend many delightful hours with Beth of The Cassandra Pages and her husband Jonathan. We all connected immediately as if old friends, which always amazes us about the blog community!



I'll be writing more later but to start, above are two photos taken inside the Notre-Dame Basilica. The outside is not as magnificent as the one in Paris but inside it is very beautiful. (We didn't see inside the Paris one to compare.) I loved the new and modern Sacré-Coeur Chapel, below, with it's simple light wood panelled ceiling and walls and the clerestory windows contrasting with the ornateness of the decorations. Most astounding to me was the huge bronze altarpiece by sculptor Charles Daudelin.



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Marja-Leena | 10/06/2010 | 9 comments
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My daughter has been to Montreal several times, but I have never seen it. One of my good friends grew up there, and she still has a very strong French-Canadian accent.
Love the pix. I did get pix of the Notre Dame interior, but I can't remember if I posted any of them. They were not very good.
And I read the book you recommended, Remarkable Creatures, and enjoyed it.
Don't know at this point if we'll get to Vancouver but hope to see you one of these days in the not too distant future.

There are so many places I would love to visit, and Montreal is high on the list. Beautiful pictures. And we both know what a pleasure it is to meet other bloggers.

Hattie and Anne, thanks, it was wonderful meeting both of you in Vancouver last summer, though much too briefly, and I hope that you can make it up here again sometime this year.

And that invitation is extended to all my blog friends!

Can you imagine... we were probably both in Montreal at the same time? I was there last weekend visiting family and friends. We might have passed in the streets...

Lilalia, wow! We were there from Friday evening last week to Wednesday afternoon, so yes, we might have passed each other! Did you see the huge bike race on Sunday?

It's nice to travel, but it is also very nice to arrive back home. :) Glad to hear you had such a wonderful time in Montreal!

We've just arrived too, and am enjoying being back, with new memories.

Maria, you traveled a lot farther and to more places, so you really must be glad to be home from your adventures. Home is still the best place, is it not?

I lived in Montreal for a few years and return there now and then. It is an amazing city. Truly has its own personality. I'm sure you loved it! It is very different than the west coast.

Taina, how fortunate that you have enjoyed Montreal so much. We love it for its uniqueness and culture and it was made extra special by our good friends there. We hope to revisit it some day.