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1. Congratulations to Mark Woods on Wood s Lot's 10th anniversary of blogging marvelous excerpts and links to interesting and eclectic writings and art. I also enjoy his lovely photographs of areas in eastern Canada that have been gracing his pages in more recent years. A remarkable achievement in this day of waning blogs as many move to the more fast-paced life of Facebook and Twitter. (Can you tell I'm a proponent of the 'slow life'?)

2. Congratulations to the award winners of BIMPE VI in Vancouver. After its opening exhibition at the Federation Gallery, a selection is now showing at Dundarave Print Shop. I recently saw a friend's copy of the exhibition catalogue and it is beautiful. I was very pleased to see in it that all of my three submitted pieces were accepted. I can hardly wait for my own copy which will come with the return of the prints after they've been in Edmonton.

3. This is late: a print of mine was posted at Qarrstiluni. The current theme of The Crowd was impossible for me to resist as I'd done several prints by that title some years ago. Watch for another one to come later. I must say Qarrstiluni keeps on getting better and better thanks to the superb efforts of its editors Beth Adams and Dave Bonta and the many guest editors. I see that it just recently and quietly passed its fifth anniversary - another congratulations!


I would wish to congratulate all Canadians, if either Margaret Atwood or Alice Munro happen to get the Nobel Literature Prize today at noon of Finnish time.

Those, with addition of Michael Ondaatje, also a great writer, are the best Canadian gifts to the world, IMHO.

Hurrah for the slow life!

i love that print. do you ever miss drawing like that?

Ripsa, those Canadian writers are indeed our national treasures, with or without that prize. Oh, just checked (see what you made me do!) ... Peruvian Mario Vargas Llosa got it!

Rouchswalwe, yes, thanks!

Elisa, thanks, and no, I don't often miss drawing though it was my favourite medium in my first 25 years or so. I think I fell in love with printmaking in art school because in some of its forms, such as etching and drypoint, it is like drawing. This is a good example of that, isn't it?

You're right, we completely forgot it was qarrtsiluni's fifth anniversary. Thanks for the congratulations, though --- and for helping us get there.

Dave, my pleasure.

I love your q picture, I assumed it was a drawing too, I must look at it again.

I also love that photo, I'm very drawn to images like that just now.

Lucy, thank you, glad you like both the print and the photo.

And oh, Elisa, sorry, thanks to Lucy's comment, I now realize that you were talking about the print at qarrtsiluni as 'drawing', that is the drypoint technique!! Oh, yes, I do keep thinking of doing more drypoints. In some of the more recent prints in the ARKEO series I did some engraving on Sintra, which is rather like drypoint/drawing.

With reference to your print that was published:

The eyes. Aha.

I can imagine the intensity that must permeate the space those eyes scan, for what, no one knows, and therein lies the mystery.

Very evocative.

With ref. to Mark Woods' link. Thanks for the same.

Anil, thanks, I'm pleased you enjoyed the print published in Q. And I know you will enjoy Wood s Lot very much.

I like the drypoint very much.

And this photo. Light falling is lovely to watch.

mb, thanks for this and for the email, will write back soon!