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still too busy for words
so, an offering
another photo from my collection

Marja-Leena | 17/05/2007 | 10 comments
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Thanks for this which resonates my recent art on the beach dream/poem.

Interesting! Is that "found art"?

TG - it's exciting when that happens, isn't it?

Leslee - I guess it depends on what you mean by "found art". This was a natural arrangement of rocks and seaweed on a rocky beach. Does have a mad-made look, doesn't it, especially the placement of the blue-grey stone?

This photo invokes Andy Goldsworthy's environmental art. It makes a stunning picture!

Thank you Marja-leena!

I'd say "found art" for sure.

I like beach litter, the forms and textures you get; this is really a good one,that shape is very bold, and the contrasts.

Jackie - I love Andy Goldsworthy's work, so thank YOU!

Peter - yes, I found something that is 'art'. In fact I used this image in an etching, like several of my Hornby Island photos.

Lucy, thanks. You've been posting gorgeous beach photos lately.

ML - When I look at one of your discoveries like this natural art-form, I often view it upside down & tilt it left & right. I gazed at this for 20 minutes & found seven distinct figures. It takes a little imagination, nonetheless, it becomes quite clear & thought provoking. Isn't nature magical!!!

Big grin -- this is just too wonderful. Thanks for sharing, despite your busyness!

Roger, I'm glad you enjoyed this!

Lori - thanks for visiting, busy gal that YOU are!