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Bharat Bhavan Biennial

Detail from Silent Messengers: Hoodoos I

Yesterday, while my thoughts were still freshly on international print shows after writing the post about the Krakow Print Triennial, I heard the thud of letters and magazines dropping in through the mail slot. I was most excited to find among the bills and junk mail a letter from India - is it good news or bad?

It is good! I have had my printworks accepted into the SEVENTH BHARAT BHAVAN INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF PRINT - ART 2006 INDIA! I am particularly pleased because this is the first time I've entered a competition in India, and because the jury fee was very steep and the mailing not cheap.

The exhibition has already opened on February 13th at the Roopankar Museum of Fine Arts in Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal, India. I think all three pieces that I submitted will be on exhibition there: Silent Messengers: Hoodoos I, Nexus/Blue I and Nexus/Blue II. I am looking forward to receiving the catalogue!

This place sounds interesting. Because they do not have a website, here are a few words from the submission brochure:

"Inaugurated by the former prime minister of India Smt. Indira Gandhi on Feb.13, 1982, Bharat Bhavan is a multi-art complex, providing interactive proximity to the verbal, the visual and the performing arts. [...] Roopankar is the only museum of fine arts in India which houses both contemporary urban and folk - tribal art. Attached to the museum is a fully equipped printmaking workshop, ceramic workshop, design unit, archival section and facilities for stone carving and bronze casting."

International Print Biennials have been held there since 1989 with distinguished jury invited from around the world.


Congratulations! It will be fascinating for you to see the work of your fellow exhibitors and see where they come from. I hope that your pieces sell too, if they are for sale. Wonderful stuff!

Thanks and yes, it's a great printmaking community experience to see each others' work, at least in a catalogue if not in real life. I would love to attend a print biennial or triennial someday.

Congratulations, Marja-leena! Wow - you are really going international! Wouldn't it be fantastic to be able to attend the exhibit too, along with your work!

Thanks Jackie - it sure would! I've participated in a fair number of international shows like this over the years but never attended. Some day...?

Fine piece of print. Your prints were some of the best that I liked for its freshness of idea. It would have been nice if yoiu coiuld be porsent too.

Hi, Mohammad! Thanks for your kind words, and for visiting!