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Marja-Leena | 30/01/2009 | 10 comments
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Looks like the remnant of an ancient text on a scroll!

Maria got there first. I wonder how this script translates.

In fact, Maria, archeologists excavated ancient city of Novgorod, the trade center, where the Vikings took furs to be traded to something that came up from Persia and Black sea, even maybe further, from the Silk Road, and found birch bark with writing, mostly runes.

Excavating is hopefully still going on. Something in the soil was acid or less acid enough that the birch bark had survived over 1000 years.

It's a continent part
axe-head, part shirt;
one shore dulled on ocean
the other rolled-up,
hot from work.

Maria, that may be why I was attracted to this piece of bark that I found. I have been thinking of putting text on it.

Joe, I wonder too!

Ripsa, that is fascinating! I found the information online and some images, including a Karelian piece. Thanks for sharing this.

Bill, great poem, thank you!

So Henri Cartier-Bear has left the kitchen and is now stripping bark from silver birches. Should save on insurance premiums

Birch bark is so refined. It looks almost like worked leather. (The comments were very interesting, too . . . I love this collaborative bit of blogging.)

BB, you've lost me completely this time :-) But thanks for your faithful witty comments!

Bee, it feels like leather too. Glad you enjoyed the conversation as much as I.

It was meant as a compliment, likening you to the world renowned French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson. But tweaking the name to give it a Canadian twist. Notice how explaining a joke causes it to crumble - rather like the frangible items in your house you've been getting photographic mileage from. And there I go, on top of it all, I've ended a sentence with a preposition. In this instance I may deserve "faithful" but certainly not "witty".

BB, thanks, I know it's a let down when the recipient doesn't 'get' the joke and I do it to you so often! Makes me feel ignorant, maybe it's a cultural difference. I was thinking Cartier the explorer being the bear, so I was way off base! But insurance premiums? Besides, I did not strip the birches, I found this lying on the ground beneath one.