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A few days ago I made a short reference to the PEW study about artists and the internet. Ivan Pope has also linked to it, and continued to blog about how the web is creating a generation of Pro-Am (Professional Amateur) artists, and about the 'Long Tail' of Contemporary Art. He concludes: "Now we can see that the combination of blogging and online galleries may give rise to a new ecosystem of art. The Long Tail of art may be about to be exposed."

Good reading! What do you think of the Long Tail of Art, is it happening?

UPDATE Jan.11.05: There's more today on starting an experiment and more to follow. Keep your eyes on this and if you are an artist blogger, consider some kind of participation...hmmm?

Marja-Leena | 10/01/2005 | 1 comment
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1 comment

More on the subject today, including the announcement that I'm going to start an experiment to create a Pro-Am community. Maybe we can spread this conversation and bring some more people in to it?