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the snow is still crisp and crunchy
such amazing blues in the afternoon sun

Marja-Leena | 17/01/2012 | 7 comments
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Winter blues are wonderful... Now you need to get some twilight ones...

Marly, these were taken late afternoon when the sun emerged for a while. Twilight is more of a challenge for my camera in our shady yard, but yes, I should get out more for such shots!

We have not felt too much of this wintry blast where we are so I'm shocked to read how bad it is all over the province. Somewhere I read that it was -57C at the BC - Yukon border! So, -7C at the airport near Vancouver sounds balmy in comparison.

Steel blue. Powder blue. Graphite blue beautiful snow. Very nice, Marja-Leena!

On perfect winter days it's easy to see we do live on Carl Sagan's pale blue dot. Your pictures of the proof are beautiful.

Rouchswalwe, thank you!

Susan, glad you think so, and thanks for reminding me of Carl Sagan's blue dot - had to go look it up again. Something to remember when the messes in this world get one down.

This morning I thought of you and your images when Yahoo showed 9 images of aurora borealis

Second, noticed they came from Finland.

Naomi, thanks so much for these wonderful images for I adore the aurora borealis, having seen them a few times when living up north and on the prairies. Most of these were taken in Alaska, and one in Norway, I think. Perhaps you were also looking at others that were taken in Finland? Here is a favourite YouTube video from Finnish Lapland.

ADDED 25th January: Just came across a short time-lapse video taken yesterday!