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or, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder....

(Original photos were taken by husband, then much loved and played with by me!)

Marja-Leena | 29/08/2010 | 11 comments
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Teamwork! I like it!

R, yes!

Dave, thanks for coming by!

It will remind of the pomp of its heyday. Yet, in a rugged way it evokes a sense of beauty on its own.

Anil, I do love the colours and the textures. It is actually part of our existing boiler for the hot water heating system for our home. Husband has been doing some maintenance on it before the heating season begins. There are a few parts that he took out to clean that also look interesting - must catch some photos before he puts them back!

I've always loved the reds and oranges of copper with the blues and greens of its patina. Enchanting pieces, Marja-Leena. I enjoy your artist's eye for such things.

Martha, I love all those hues of copper too, and it's long been a favourite of mine for etching. The buildup of copper sulphate, as seen in the photos, add another interesting texture as well, don't you think?

that is beautiful so long as you don't expect it to keep you warm this winter.

Susan, I was alarmed at first when I saw this, but a good cleaning and it's fine. It's too warm to turn on but we're ready for October. And thanks for dropping by - are you now in Halifax?

It must be where my mind is lately but rusting robots coming toward me seemed right. Big teeth in the bottom photo?

Naomi, heh, playing too many video games with the grandkids?