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We are having the dog days of summer here... at last, for those who like the heat, which I don't, but just in time for our "English" daughter and granddaughters to get in some quality beach time. They will be returning to their home in the UK in a few days so we have been doing a little more than usual babysitting this week whenever mommy has last errands, appointments and visits with friends. Eldest daughter has also come down for a week so things are busy and lively around here with all our daughters and granddaughters here, only missing their partners.

I did catch a few moments in the sunny garden this afternoon to practice some macro photography. I know I really must use the tripod, sigh. Another trouble with shooting in macro is that it is like looking through a magnifying glass, and thus sometimes finding some unpleasant surprises. See those tiny black dots in my lovely purple clematis flowers? They are not part of the flower itself as I thought, they are oodles of busy bugs. Shudder, shutter!

Marja-Leena | 05/08/2011 | 15 comments
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I'm not sure that our dog days haven't come and gone now July is done. An eight hour thunderstorm on Tuesday evening and night seems to have chased the 80 degree temperatures away (yep, still Farenheit oriented).

I hope you're enjoying every minute you can spend with your family and also that parting won't be too sorrowful. Time does often move far too fast.

I'd say the tiny creatures are cute but I'm a bit squeamish too.

Real enough though.

I don't know. It looks rather like a marvelous tower is thrusting up from the lavender land of insects.

You made a funny mistake on my blog. I assume your are crediting me with youthfulness! xo

Susan, we didn't have any dog days in July so that's why the heat lovers are happy here now. We've been blessed with an extra long visit of over two months so I think we'll appreciate getting back to our own lives, even as we will miss them sorely. They'll be back next summer if not sooner, or we'll visit before that. As for the bugs, I'm ignoring them as they don't seem to be doing any damage, I hope, though I've had clematis vines die on me.

Joe, true...

Marly, I rather liked that about the photo. Sorry I goofed - your 'mother' is an amazingly active and creative woman for her age and I hope to be like her if I live that long. Mine passed away too young. But, Marly, you are very youthful!

Must now go get ready for the family backyard BBQ party...

There I was thinking how much the green and black in the clematis reminded me of the black seeds in a kiwifruit, then I read your post. They look like aphids from where I sit, but remember, a moment ago I thought they might be seeds! Nevertheless, a wonderful photo, M-L; your macro shots are very good. The colors are wonderous; had no idea the clematis had so many in each bloom.

Hope your visits with family are refreshing, as will be the quiet when they are gone.

Martha, yes, they do look like kiwi seeds. I did wonder if these are aphids, so common in my garden because it's one giant ant hill unfortunately. The blossom looks mostly purple so it's amazing to find more colours with the lens. Glad you enjoyed this!

Oh, it's buzzing around here with all the visiting and packing. Tomorrow morning we take them to the airport.

Aphids are everywhere here in my Hawaiian yard. The entire neighborhood is an ant farm, and battling them is a constant task. We don't leave eatables out at all.
Marja-Leena: I gave two of your photos to my daughter. Her house has the kind of strong indirect light that will display them best. I kept one for the condo. Although it is not in an ideal spot, it looks good anyway.

Thanks. I hope to be like her in spunk and energy if I live so long.

You know I was reminded of a book by a Finnish author by that bug-flower image. Leena Krohn. Tainaron: Mail From Another City (Tainaron: Postia toisesta kaupungista)

I think that I even wrote something about it on my blog, a long time ago...

Hang on.

Here we go:

Hattie, ugh, aren't those ants such a problem?! I think I've heard they are the most populous and hardy critter on earth and would probably survive the end of this earth as we know it.

I'm very sorry to hear my work did not look good in your condo because of the reflections off the glass. I do hope your daughter is pleased with them. Which one did you keep?

Marly, we all hope to have that kind of energy as we age.

How very interesting that you've read a Finnish author. She's quite famous but I'm ashamed I haven't read her or very many contemporary Finnish writers (because of the expense of ordering from Finland). This being published in English sounds like a possible purchase, and a fascinating fantasy - must look into it. I enjoyed your old blog post about it, such a fantasy like story too, thanks for sharing!

Marly, I knew I had recently read something about Leena Krohn on some blog which I kept looking for after you wrote in. Now here I am, up at 2 am (in my palace!) and I have found it! It is an interesting read I think.

Oh, I liked that! Even left a comment, I liked it so much. Thanks, Marja-Leena, for being up at 2! I was also, but it was somehow not the same as yours...

You would like it, I think, and there are illustrations as well. I looked for my copy but didn't find it--my writing room looks like a hoarder's hell (or paradise) at the moment.

Marly, glad you like it. I've noticed some used copies of Tainaron are available at online stores, so might order one that route.

Yes, you should try it. Definitely quirky! It's one of those things that is a mixture of kinds and probably pleases some but confuses others (what is it?)

Sounds good, Marly, so on to the wish list!