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found in the back of a drawer, yellowed, faded, forgotten,
made from collagraph trimmings, in pre-digital days

Marja-Leena | 26/11/2011 | 9 comments
themes: Being an Artist


Thanks as ever for calling. I'm listening.

My first time seeing collagraphy! The colours just jump out. Very nice cards, indeed. They make an impression (pun intended)!

Joe, heh. I almost forgot about today's meaning of 'calling cards', instead of the much older term for visiting">">visiting card or business">">business card.

Rouchswalwe, thanks! I think you may have seen some of my collagraphs, such as those combined sometimes with my inkjet prints, such as the owl woman in ARKEO 4. These cards were made from pieces cut from discarded collagraph proofs with a printed address label applied on top. Fun but rather crude.

They still make for very pretty bookmarks.

Susan, thanks, there may be a few long forgetten stray ones in some books around here...

i wish people still used calling cards. such a lovely tradition. i'm interested to see what a current version will look like! x

Elisa, yes, reviving the use of calling cards would be nice. Not as formal as business cards, it would be a great when meeting new people, especially with a difficult name like mine, and a way to point to one's blog too! Yes, I need to design a new card. I've run out of the ones you did for me quite some years ago.

Oh! The owl woman! No, I seem to have missed her somehow. Thank you so much for the link. She seems to fly out of the frame! The balance is unbalanced in a delightful way. Together with the colours, I think this one may just be one of my favourites. Does the owl woman come from legend?

Rouchswalwe, glad you like that one! If you don't mind reading the comments over there, you will find the answer, sort of...