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fireplaceDec2010.jpg by my other half :-)

days of card and letter-writing
outside, heavy dark rains instead of bright snow
a few Christmas decorations set out day by day
a relaxing warming fire and favourite Christmas music last night
while a few Carol Ships sail by in the darkness
today a phone chat with one daughter in snowy interior of BC
an iChat with daughter and granddaughters now living in the English countryside
like licks of flames, the spirit of Christmas is slowly touching my heart

home fires burning
two years ago today
four years ago yesterday

Marja-Leena | 12/12/2010 | 10 comments
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It sounds much as Christmas should be - except perhaps for the distance. Thank goodness for telephones and iChat.

The picture of the fire is beautiful.

Your Carol Ships sound magical. I am so please to hear that these wonderful things are happening around the world, I shall be dreaming of singing boats.... Magical.. I feel a great print coming on...

How lucky we are to live in such amazing times, how could we have ever imagined technology such as we have today. My children take it all for granted I'm a little sad to say... We can still amaze them with little anicdotes from our childhood, when we say that I didn't have the use of a telephone at home until 1970's, let alone a colour TV or a computer, Norman (My other half) makes them laugh every time when he talks of having a tin bath in the lounge and all the family taking turns in the same water, and walking down to the bottom of the garden to go to the loo, what ever the weather....... At that point I am thrilled to say that my parents always had indoor plumbing.

How times have changed..........

I am so happy for you that we have such wonderful things as skype so that you not only can talk with your daughter and grandchildren but you can see them too... How lucky we are.

Merry Christmas Marja-Leena

~ Julie

I'm struck by the colour of the root vegetable reappearing in the flames ...

Susan, yes, the distance is made so much easier with our very modern communications!

Julie, so much has indeed changed in our lifetimes. In Winnipeg, Canada, we always had indoor plumbing, and our first TV (B&W, one channel only) in the mid 50's and telephone too. When we went back to visit Finland in mid 60's, my father tried to contact many old friends in our hometown but most were not in the phonebook. Some still had outhouses... so things were still behind in the small towns. Indeed, I'm lucky to have Skype and especially iChat, compared with the extreme cost of phone calls back then to my grandparents, when they did have a phone. Letters took a long time. I really did not know them, sigh. Thanks, and Merry Christmas to you too, Julie!

R, I noticed that odd colour in the embers, too, though no beets cooking there....

Oh yes! You have captured my mood and my evenings perfectly! Isn't it blissful????

Sending love across the miles from my hearth to yours

Julie aka Mouse

very thankful for technology in that regard! we'd be awfully homesick without it. though still hoping to instil the pleasure of letter writing into those grandchildren! x

Julie/Mouse, thanks for the love, and back to you! Why are fires so relaxing, is it a primeval thing, I wonder? I could gaze into the flames for hours.

Elisa, tell the grandchildren we'd love to receive letters, and drawings!

It does sound cosy.

Funny how the fire always looks purple in photos, root vegetable colour, as R says! Nice, but not the colour it really is. Maybe there's a setting on the camera for it, I've got a candlelight one, perhaps I'll try that...

We've had our first few fires lately, an they're so relaxing an lovely. I'm still hoping for things to slow down enough that I can savor the Christmas feeling the way you describe -- and glad for you that you're already in it!

Lucy, I don't think our camera has that setting, must check, thanks!

Beth, I see you have full winter now with that glorious white stuff. That would really put me in the Christmas mood! We must still put up our tree and more decorations to add to the mood. Cards almost done, did shopping today but one more gift still to find, a little baking to do...