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Michiko Suzuki: A Feeler

Michiko has a solo exhibition of her latest prints coming up at the Bellevue Gallery in West Vancouver. The opening is on Valentine's Day, Feb 14th, 6 to 8 pm. and the exhibition continues to March 16th, 2013. Read... [Continue Reading...]

Japanese exchange exhibition

You may recall that our Art Institute printmakers had a wonderful exhibition in Tokyo, Japan in May/June of this year. As an exchange, we are hosting an exhibition of works by Japanese printmakers in the Studio Art Gallery at... [Continue Reading...]

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B-Gallery exhibition photos

As I wrote in the spring along with a poster image, our Art Insitute printers group had an exciting exhibition at the B-Gallery in Tokyo. I was lucky during the show to capture one photo from the gallery's site... [Continue Reading...]

print show videos

A while ago, I posted about a printmaking exhibition by several friends at the Canadian Embassy in Tokyo, Japan. Michiko Suzuki, one of the artists, has kindly emailed me that she has put up two videos on YouTube. One... [Continue Reading...]

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photo: Japan exhibition

Perhaps you remember my earlier post about our Art Institute group's print exhibition in Japan? Here is a screen shot of the installation at the B-Gallery in Tokyo. My piece Fragments IV is second from the left. I can... [Continue Reading...]

Printmaking, eh?

Printmaking, eh?: Four Artists Expanding the Boundaries May 25 - July 20, 2012 Embassy of Canada Prince Takamado Gallery, Tokyo Four of the artists in the previously announced exhibition are also showing concurrently and for a longer period at... [Continue Reading...]

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exhibition in Japan


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Wayne Eastcott: Systems

Another exhibition coming up very soon, by another artist friend and a mentor. Internationally known printmaker Wayne Eastcott will be showing his latest work at the Bellevue Gallery in West Vancouver. This new series, called Systems: New Works on... [Continue Reading...]

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the opening

Looking into the gallery as we arrive on time for our exhibition. Lots of folk already there! This is the front area, with a peek towards the rear on the left side... The front wall with a work by... [Continue Reading...]

exhibition at CityScape


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at the print studio

Here are some glimpses of the printmaking studio in which I work - my desk with the proof on the wall which I printed last week, and our wide-format inkjet printer, affectionately called Lucy.... [Continue Reading...]

a great day on Bowen

    What a fantastic day we had yesterday! The gloriously sunny day began with the arrival of a cousin and her husband from Germany. After a quick visit over tea and biscotti on our deck, we whisked them to... [Continue Reading...]

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exhibition on Bowen

detail: ARKEO 2, Marja-Leena Rathje (may or may not be in exhibition) You are invited to: An exhibition of prints by the Art Institute Printmakers of Capilano University at The Gallery at Artisan Square
 589 Artisan Square, Bowen Island,... [Continue Reading...]

Michiko Suzuki: Flicker of Life

I've written about my friend and fellow printmaker Michiko Suzuki several times here but I missed telling you about her most recent solo exhibition Flicker of Life ~ Selected Works (1993 - 2008) held at the Penticton Art Gallery... [Continue Reading...]

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Robert Young

Robert Young: Sampler - Enhanced multiple plate intaglio, linocut, woodcut. Printed for Artist's for Kids We had the great pleasure of having Robert Young, one of BC's most respected senior artists, visit as a guest speaker in the Art... [Continue Reading...]

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Japanese woodblock printing

A few days ago, Tae-Huk Kim, our artist-in-residence from Korea, gave us an excellent demonstration of traditional Japanese woodblock printing. This is the technique he uses for making his contemporary woodcuts. Several woodblocks are made, usually one for each... [Continue Reading...]

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printers and scanners

In the comments to yesterday's post about my experiments, virtual friend and artist-blogger in Alaska, Elise Tomlinson asked some very interesting questions, which have inspired me to write today's entry. So, do you have your own printer and scanner... [Continue Reading...]

Tae-Huk Kim exhibition

Regular readers may recall my post about our print studio's artist-in-residence Tae-Huk Kim. Since his arrival in November, Kim has been busy making new woodcut prints using traditional Japanese water-based woodblock techniques. Next week he will be giving a... [Continue Reading...]

Mohsen Khalili exhibition

(scan of the front of the invitation showing Mohsen Khalili's unique bronzes) Art Institute member and everyone's friend Mohsen Khalili is having an exhibition called DYSFUNCTIONED TOOLS at Gallery Jones. Featured will be his numerous small bronze sculptures and... [Continue Reading...]

Tae-Huk Kim

Tae-Huk Kim - Photo by Robert Jackson The Art Institute Printmaking studio at Capilano University is very fortunate to have Tae-Huk Kim as artist-in-residence for six months. Kim, as we call him, is a native of Korea who has... [Continue Reading...]

Interconnection: Eastcott / Suzuki

Interconnection 6 (Interior 3) Michiko Suzuki & Wayne Eastcott inkjet, toner etching and Japanese paint on torinoko paper In August 2004, I wrote about a fascinating collaboration between printmakers Michiko Suzuki of Tokyo and Wayne Eastcott of Vancouver. They... [Continue Reading...]

Fred Brown's woodcuts

Fred Brown: Share the Shelter Woodcut 36" x 72" I had heard that printmaker Fred Brown was going to be having an exhibition this month in Vancouver. Imagine my surprise when I read Art Daily's posting "Power Tools, Plywood,... [Continue Reading...]

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Dan Steeves

Dan Steeves is presenting a series of printworks 'The House as Fortress, the dichotomy of symbolic structure' at The Lookout Gallery, Regent College, at UBC, Vancouver until October 14th. Yesterday we were pleased to have artist Dan Steeves visit... [Continue Reading...]

in the printshop

Detail from Silent Messengers: Hoodoos II For the past week I've been happily back at the printmaking studio, my home away from home sometimes it seems. A new season always means new people and a new energy that I... [Continue Reading...]

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Bonnie Jordan

Another artist-friend of mine, Bonnie Jordan, has been doing exciting, yet very thoughtful and very leading edge digital printmaking for several years. Here are some of her latest works. Images are copyright Bonnie Jordan, used here with her permission.... [Continue Reading...]

Janet Strayer

Perishable Goods Janet Strayer, a friend and past member of the Art Institute, Printmaking at Capilano College has a large solo exhibition of her paintings, etchings, and mixed media works on display at the Enigma Restaurant in Vancouver during... [Continue Reading...]

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Setsuko Piroche

Setsuko Piroche is another good friend and printmaking colleague who works in the Art Institute printmaking studio. Before coming to printmaking, Setsuko worked in a wide variety of media - paintings, ceramics, textile art and woven sculptures. She has had... [Continue Reading...]

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Jean Morrison & Setsuko Piroche

Artists Jean Morrison and Setsuko Piroche invite you to their exhibition of print media and objects entitled "the diverse earth". The opening reception is on Wednesday, November 17th, 2004 from 4:30 to 7:30 pm. The exhibition runs from Nov.15... [Continue Reading...]

Jean C. Morrison

Jean Morrison and I have been friends and printmaking colleagues for a long time, working together in the Art Institute printmaking studio. Jean has worked in a wide variety of printmaking media, even venturing recently into digital inkjet printing,... [Continue Reading...]

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Wayne Eastcott exhibition

Wayne Eastcott: Generation#3  1983   silkscreen As I wrote earlier, October is a busy month for art shows here! The Lookout Gallery, Regent College is presenting "Wayne Eastcott: Selected Works" - a survey of his printworks from 1965 to... [Continue Reading...]

Totally Manipulated

X Faces by Robert Jackson Another exhibition happening this month, and one in which I am also participating in is: TOTALLY MANIPULATED: Digital Art Today at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, BC. The opening... [Continue Reading...]

Michiko Suzuki's exhibition

Michiko sent this link about her newly opened exhibition in Tokyo's Gallery 219. Have a look at her series of archival inkjet prints. You may remember Michiko from my article about her collaboration with Wayne Eastcott.... [Continue Reading...]

Writing on the Wall

As part of an occasional series about the printmaking studio that I am happily associated with at Capilano College**, I will be posting about exhibitions that members are involved in. Robert Jackson is a new artist member this fall.... [Continue Reading...]

Institute Printmaking Studio

the printmaking studio at Capilano College** with Wayne Eastcott, printmaking faculty, and Bonnie Jordan, technical assistant, at the largest printing press This has been a very hectic week for me as I return to the printmaking studio after the... [Continue Reading...]

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Wayne Eastcott & Michiko Suzuki

A fascinating collaboration between two internationally well-known printmakers has been happening in the printmaking studios at Capilano University, North Vancouver. Japanese artist, Michiko Suzuki of Tokyo, Japan became the University's first artist-in-residence in the fall of 2003 and also... [Continue Reading...]


Viewers and readers are often interested in knowing what tools artists use in creating their artworks. Today's technology has been embraced by many artists, as artists always have done over many centuries in their search for new ways of... [Continue Reading...]

Print Exhibition in Grand Forks

"The Art Institute at Capilano College: Celebrating 20 Years of Printmaking" This exhibition of prints is currently on at the Grand Forks Art Gallery, in the city of Grand Forks, BC. For the past twenty years The Art Institute... [Continue Reading...]

Mohsen Khalili's monoprints

Today I happened to meet Mohsen at the studio and we showed each other our websites. I have seen him at work on his monoprints but he also does paintings and sculpture. To me, his monoprints are very moving,... [Continue Reading...]

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