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B-Gallery exhibition photos

As I wrote in the spring along with a poster image, our Art Insitute printers group had an exciting exhibition at the B-Gallery in Tokyo. I was lucky during the show to capture one photo from the gallery's site... [Continue Reading...]

postcard art fundraiser

I first wrote about this fundraiser, Wish You Were Here, a few weeks ago. It is an inaugural event put on by CARFAC BC for artists. Everyone is welcome to attend the event on Friday, June 22nd at W2... [Continue Reading...]

photo: Japan exhibition

Perhaps you remember my earlier post about our Art Institute group's print exhibition in Japan? Here is a screen shot of the installation at the B-Gallery in Tokyo. My piece Fragments IV is second from the left. I can... [Continue Reading...]

Wish You Were Here

This is for artists in British Columbia.... I have just put together my little package of prints to mail to CARFAC BC's inaugural postcard fundraiser called Wish You Were Here. If you are a member, or wish to join if... [Continue Reading...]

exhibition in Japan


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the opening

Looking into the gallery as we arrive on time for our exhibition. Lots of folk already there! This is the front area, with a peek towards the rear on the left side... The front wall with a work by... [Continue Reading...]

exhibition at CityScape


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'this place' #1


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BIMPE VI exhibition

Design: Cloe Aigner, Print: "Bite your Tongue", by Jen McGowan, Intaglio Everyone is invited to the opening for The Sixth Biennial International Miniature Print Exhibition (BIMPE) on Saturday, September 11th, 2010 from 6 to 9 pm. at the Federation... [Continue Reading...]

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a great day on Bowen

    What a fantastic day we had yesterday! The gloriously sunny day began with the arrival of a cousin and her husband from Germany. After a quick visit over tea and biscotti on our deck, we whisked them to... [Continue Reading...]

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exhibition on Bowen

detail: ARKEO 2, Marja-Leena Rathje (may or may not be in exhibition) You are invited to: An exhibition of prints by the Art Institute Printmakers of Capilano University at The Gallery at Artisan Square
 589 Artisan Square, Bowen Island,... [Continue Reading...]

exhibit in Squamish

I'm pleased to announce that my friend Bonnie Jordan and I have a selection of our prints on exhibit in the new Artisan Gallery in the town of Squamish, north of Vancouver.             Here's how the space is... [Continue Reading...]

Making an Impression

I'm very pleased to announce that I'm participating in 'Making an Impression: Invitational Printmaking Exhibition' at the Ferry Building Gallery

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Bharat Bhavan Biennial

Detail from Silent Messengers: Hoodoos I Yesterday, while my thoughts were still freshly on international print shows after writing the post about the Krakow Print Triennial, I heard the thud of letters and magazines dropping in through the mail... [Continue Reading...]

an installation photo

Installation photo of Silent Messengers: Connecting with D'Amico #1-5 (left to right) Well, I've spent many hours getting intimate with the digital camera and an external flash trying to get some decent installation photos of my work. As I'm... [Continue Reading...]

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Exhibition Photo & Statement


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opening night

Here are just a few photos of the opening of Silent Messengers, my exhibition of mixed media prints which opened on Wednesday evening, November 16th. (I'm the one in the red shirt!) Though many friends did not make it... [Continue Reading...]

a birth day

Proudly announcing the birth of our second grandchild Niamh Eili, another grand-daughter, a little after midnight November 16th, 2005! What an unforgettable day! A 12:45 am phone call announcing the birth added to my excitement level and lessened my... [Continue Reading...]

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final preparations

With my printworks finished and ready to hang on Wednesday morning, I had a day of deserved and much-needed rest yesterday. Today I am sorting through my notes, even my blog posts which are a proving to be a... [Continue Reading...]

in the news

Rob Newell photo - North Shore Outlook newspaper Caption reads: Stroking Silence - Marja-Leena Rathje presents "Silent Messengers", a collection of mixed media prints in the studio gallery at Capilano College........ [Continue Reading...]

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exhibition invitation


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exhibiting in Hungary

Many printmakers around the world have developed a strong sense of community that is enhanced in part by their participation in some of the many international juried print biennials and triennials. One of the best and largest is the... [Continue Reading...]

Totally Manipulated

X Faces by Robert Jackson Another exhibition happening this month, and one in which I am also participating in is: TOTALLY MANIPULATED: Digital Art Today at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, BC. The opening... [Continue Reading...]

Digitalis: Ethno-Techno exhibition

"Happy new month!" as my youngest child used to say when little. This new month of October is a busy one for me with both family stuff and art happenings. One event that I'm excited about is participating in... [Continue Reading...]

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installation at SAG

Here are a few installation views taken of my 1998 solo exhibition of the Meta-morphosis series at the Seymour Art Gallery in North Vancouver, BC. Installation photos are always a challenge with the various lights, reflections and distractions (like... [Continue Reading...]

Marja-Leena | 01/09/2004 | 1 comment
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Print Exhibition in Grand Forks

"The Art Institute at Capilano College: Celebrating 20 Years of Printmaking" This exhibition of prints is currently on at the Grand Forks Art Gallery, in the city of Grand Forks, BC. For the past twenty years The Art Institute... [Continue Reading...]

Krakow Triennial exhibition in Oldenburg, Germany

I have just received word from Krakow, Poland that some of my prints* will be in an exhibition at the Horst Janssen Museum in Oldenburg, Germany, opening March 14, 2004 until June 13, 2004. Apart from its main programme,... [Continue Reading...]

"Traces" Exhibition in Finland

In May & June 2002, I had the great pleasure of having an exhibition called Traces with friends and colleagues Bonnie Jordan and Steven Dixon at the Pohjanmaan Museum's Taidehalli in Vaasa, Finland. Please look at: TRACES, my site... [Continue Reading...]