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Christmas favourites


'Tis the week before Christmas and we're all busy getting ready. To sustain the anticipation, one of the things I've been doing is looking at some of my favourite posts on this blog from the last two years. I thought I'd share them with you by linking them here, rather than repeating myself, especially for newer readers. Isn't Christmas partly about traditions and happy memories? Here's a short list of a few of my favourites about this favourite holiday season of mine (though a few links within have expired):

- On my favourite things

- About "Joulukuu", the Finnish name for December

- About "Joulupukki", the Finnish Santa in Lapland

- and this delightful new-to-me page The Night Before a Printmaker's Christmas by printmaker David Bull, who lives in Japan and works in traditional Japanese woodblock printmaking. Be sure to turn on the audio and listen to him reading it!

- above image is one of a Christmas card that I designed in 1999

Enjoy the week!

Marja-Leena | 18/12/2006 | 2 comments
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M-L, I really enjoyed the printmaker's version of the night before Christmas! Jan Brett's children's books have always been among my favorites for the rich illustrations and stories behind stories told with pictures within the frames.

MB - glad you enjoyed some of my favourites!