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Christmas stars & rain


Arctic cookie star. Photo by Bernard P. Hanby

Just in time for Christmas, a Christmas Stars Gallery! There's a stunning range of starfish below the water off the West Coast of BC. Here's a sampling of photos by Bernard P. Hanby, courtesy of The Tyee.

For a sense of the feeling of a West Coast Christmas, or not, do read this beautiful post by Chris Corrigan, who lives on an island just beyond Vancouver. As a northerner and a prairie girl, I can identify with what he so eloquently says, much better than I could. Only by turning inward to focus on the lights, food, family and nostalgia do I still manage to capture the Christmas feeling.

Here's hoping you have captured the Christmas spirit! Merry Christmas everyone!

Marja-Leena | 23/12/2005 | 4 comments
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Wishing you a spectacularly merry Christmas, Marja-Leena...

Marja-Leena: thank you for sharing Chris' blog. It certainly brings to my mind memories of Christmas season in Alaska. The sea-star photo is beautiful - I've never seen a starfish like this one! And that's saying alot - I grew up on an island, and spent hours tidepooling as a child, and then in later years with my nephews and son.

I'm glad you had a pleasant holiday with your family. Best wishes for you in the New Year!

Hi Jackie! Having grown up a land-lubber and freshwater lover, I'm pathetically ignorant about the creatures in tidepools, but I love their shapes adn beautiful colours.

Thanks for the wishes. Hope you had a great holiday too, and a Happy, Creative and Healthful New Year to you!

Wow, it looks like a real starfish! Great texture.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. Happy 2006!