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Yesterday evening after a very hot day, and after a simple supper on the deck, we sat back in our chairs to enjoy the cooling air. I glanced up and looked at the wispy clouds in the sky. Really looked. Nothing unusual, I've seen more dramatic clouds, especially from airplanes, but for some reason these gave me a lovely feeling of peace and beauty. Youngest granddaughter then came upstairs with a book and asked me to read it to her as a bedtime story, but first we looked at the clouds together and I took a few photos. A simple yet deeply pleasurable evening.

Marja-Leena | 20/07/2012 | 11 comments
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Those high up, mackerel and mares' tails cirrus ones do give one a sense of calm, don't they. Sounds a lovely moment.

Clouds really are some of the best entertainment we can have. These look like you had fair weather skies and a lovely evening.

Mackerel and mares' tails yes, but quite delicate in both cases--must have been a pretty evening. "Really looked." Yes, that's always good. And good night!

So many lovely textures up and down this page: fossils, rust, and now these clouds - a "texture" that is only for the eyes. How good!

Sounds like the perfect evening. And I do love looking at clouds. We had a perfect Magritte blue-sky-puffy-clouds day on Monday, but it was hard to capture them on camera. Anyway, lovely.

Feels all brushy ... like someone took a comb to tease air into the dreams of the sky.