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Just over a month ago, I wrote about how western media is taking notice of the phenomenon of complaints choirs. Just now I found another report, in Canada's Globe & Mail, BC edition about the number of choirs in BC. It's good therapy, I say! Enjoy the reading and listening!

I could have been complaining about our warm monsoons this week, with more rain in one day than we normally have in the already rainy month of January. A local ski hill even had to be shut down to conserve the snow for the Olympics. The best therapy for me has been to be busy in the print studio completing another series of prints.

I've complained a little about the dark days and rain stopping me from getting out to do more photography with our new lens. The above poor photo is one of the test images I did indoors in the solarium earlier this week. My struggles proved to me there was not enough light to get decent photos. Using a macro lens definitely requires more light than normal.

But today is brilliantly sunny so it's not the time for sitting any longer at this box, I must get out and enjoy it while it lasts. Rain is back for next week, sigh. Hope to be back with some better photos...

Marja-Leena | 16/01/2010 | 4 comments
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But so this time you didn't have a real snowy winter like last year?

I thought it always rains there. i was through one winter in Portland and that was definitely enough. Back to real seasons, here. Finland, that is.

We had then my husband's grandma's box camera, and that made brilliant photos! Unfortunately it's left behind, besides it's probably impossible to find those big films for it no more neither.

Ripsa! Yes, it's been a green winter though the mountains got more snow this year, some washed away with the recent warm wet weather. Hopefully it won't affect the Olympics! And yes, it does seem like it always rains here in the Pacific Northwest at least from November to January. The clear days are truly special when we have them. And Finland has had a LOT of snow this year, I've read.

Those old box cameras were surprisingly good sometimes. I know some people collect them and try to find even old film to produce photos with unusual effects! I think there's even software that will replicate that.

After last winter in Portland I vowed to never complain about long wet days again.

Susan, oh, did you have a lot of snow last winter like we did? Too much of a good thing for too long, wasn't it?