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Putting aside work at the computer for a lunch break, I just had to first go outside into the garden to enjoy some of today's sunshine and spring-like temperatures (12C or almost 54F). I noticed that the buds of the early crocuses (croci?) have now fully opened, the earliest ever in our garden, I think. Usually they bloom for my husband's birthday at the end of February, just rarely for mine two weeks earlier.

My hellebore is full of buds with a few open now but looking quite sad with black spots all over, so no photo of it this time. I really must move it to a spot where it is out of the rain.

The snowdrops are always early starting in the beginning of January with the long-stemmed singles and now being followed by the shorter doubles. I picked a bunch of the long stemmed ones for indoors and thought I'd play with some more macro photos. While I was at it, the phalaenopsis orchid became another subject for closeups. What fun!

Meanwhile, about three dozen loads of snow a day is being trucked in from as far away as Manning Park, more than two hours drive east of Vancouver, in order to have Cypress Mountain ready for the Olympics. How green is that?    

P.S. - a few hours later - just heard on the suppertime news that we hit 13C (55F)!

Marja-Leena | 04/02/2010 | 19 comments
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Hi Marja-Leena, it looks like Spring is s-l-o-w-l-y making its way our way. Just the other day Mika made a wrong turn while coming home and came upon a garden resplendent in croci. The peach blossoms should be out, too, but I haven't seen any. I must say, this year is the first in a while that I've settled in enough to look forward to the seasons again. Wonder what the first opening tree bud will be?

Oh lucky you with the flowers. I still have about another two before i really see any signs of spring.
Friday/Saturday I might getting some more snow.

Lovely photos, M-L, just what we need to see at this time of year.

My harbingers are the winter aconite and the snowdrops, the aconite first. Neither are up yet, and they usually are just beginning by now. Perhaps next week (one can hope!)

Hi Butuki, glad to hear that you are enjoying some early signs of spring! I've seen some early flowering cherry or plum blossoms around town, plus witch hazel, even forsythia!

Cathy, yes, we're lucky. Some of the Olympic visitors are amazed. We have to remind ourselves that it's still winter elsewhere, for example interior BC is having snow. I hope we don't get hit with a late cold snap.

Martha, glad you enjoyed these spring harbingers. Hope your spring comes soon! I don't have any winter aconite in my garden. The fact that it's related to buttercups doesn't appeal because we have the weed version all over our lawn and creeping into borders - it's impossible to eradicate!

Oh, this photos are sunny and springy and will carry me through the huge snowstorm wending its way here. I have soup and crackers and ale and only hope that my Mama will be released from the hospital before the worst of it hits us. Spring will be most welcome this year!

As to ?????, take a look at your third pic, previous post.

You're enjoying macro photography :-)

Lovely pictures. The second picture, the pattern is incredible. I wonder what the 'V' is for in that pattern.

R, another snowstorm?! I do hope you can get your mother home and you'll all be safe and warm!

BB, did you see my late addition in comments over there? I was slow catching the ball :-)

Anil, I sure am, thanks! V for victory over winter, perhaps?

Wow! It's spring there already?? Early February is solid winter for us here in Boston. Maybe in six weeks... just like the groundhog said. :-)

I can't believe you have crocuses/ croci? blooming in your garden already! Oh my. It must be very mild there. What a beautiful carpet of flowers to greet you.

Leslee and Taina, this is the balmiest part of Canada but still, spring is earlier than usual this year. We're not complaining after last winter. Who knows if winter will still strike this month?

I love the light on the crocus and the fleshiness and sheen of the orchid.

Hattie, yes, I like those too! And you are an expert orchid grower. This is the only one of several phalaenopsi that I have that is in bloom right now.

So lovely and cheering, I especially love the croci (funny word always sounds like 'croaky'!).

There's usually a few primroses emerging, or even daffodils by now, and often some blackthorn blossom, but the harsh weather has clearly inhibited them.

Lucy, I think I remember past springs where you've featured some of those early flowers, often earlier than here! Weird weather reversals in so many places this year. We have "El Nino" to thank this year.

Yesterday we saw a cluster of daffodils in bloom. They're 2-3 weeks early here as well but I'm happy it's been a soft and gentle winter.

Your photographs are magnificent as always.

Susan, glad to hear Portland has had an easier winter too! AFter last winter, we deserved it. And thanks for the compliment!

Sadly ironic about the shipment of snow for the winter Olympics. Especially since so many other places have had record dumps of snow this year!

I'm going snowdrop hunting tomorrow . . . but no doubt I will be wishing for a macro lens. These photographs are so beautifully clear.

Bee, suddenly the weather is cooler - raining down here but no doubt snowing up on the mountains. Should help to keep all that hauled-in-snow from disappearing too fast! Whistler of course has no problems being even higher mountains. Good luck snowdrop hunting!