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Dad's day

Happy Father's Day to all dads out there! Happy Father's Day to the father of our children!

I can't think of anything better than reposting this wonderful poem written by our eldest daughter and designed by our youngest for their father two years ago on Father's Day.

Click on image to view larger.


Poem © Anita Rathje
Design © Erika Rathje

Marja-Leena | 18/06/2006 | 4 comments
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Tyttäresi on kirjoittanut isästään hurmaavalla, sydäntä lämmittävällä tavalla. Upea muistojen kavalkadi!

Kiitos Viides rooli! Anita on lahjakas kirjoittaja ja runoilija, ja Erika on etevä graafikan työssä. Yhdessä ne tekivät mielestäni erikoisen taideteoksen.

I would be deeply honoured to receive such a card from my children. As it was, I was deeply honoured: the card was Hallmark, but the message was as original as the mircale child who came to us 15 years ago.

Peter, you sound like a happy father! Your daughter is lucky.